September 4, 2013


Last day before the New Moon in Virgo…

as suits a day of Virgo Sun and Moon,
I’ve been thinking about the lives of ants,
or should I say my life, as the life of an ant…

So small, so busy… what’s the point?!


a retroactive cautionary tale from Virgo Sun/Merc, Cap. Moon Amy Winehouse

I’ve always loved that she wrote, I cheated myself, because that’s the crux of it.

There’s a lot to think about today,
as we look for what to let go of…

is it obvious?

All these last few weeks,
I’ve had the ill effects of Jupiter on my mind,
just as Elsa describes in this post HERE

Jupiter so very strong in Crab,
levering things wide, under in influence of Uranus and Pluto.

What a team! Death and his enemy, Random,
just doing a number on everything,
while Jupiter turns up the volume and buys a drink for both sides.
Who decides which doors open, and where the prison bars hold?!

For more on Jupiter, read HERE, HERE and HERE.

Something Astrologers know,
is that it’s Jupiter transits that break up relationships often as not.

Is the grass greener? I just have to find out!
It goes that way.

Which doesn’t mean to say that Jupiter is good for nothing,
and more is meant than every open door is a goodbye.

Dark of the Moon is when you let go,
and the with the New Moon tomorrow, begin.

Take care of yourself, your body especially.
Breathe, Hydrate.

It helps keep the proportions of everything in line.

Steady Now.

I’ll be thinking of you!!



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2 Responses to September 4, 2013

  1. Jgirl says:

    Might this September produce the knight at the 11th hour left over from our grand trine? Or would he have already shown up by now? 😉

  2. o_lightning says:

    Hey Jgirl,

    Oh I’ll never say never! But does seem statistically, knights are a rarity… ; / xox

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