September 30, 2015


Ennui, Fatigue, Amnesia, Malaise,

Doing it all despite the drain circling quality of the proceedings.


No one you can trust, no one you can rely on, no one with whom intimacy does not constitute some type of moral breach or emotional genocide, no one with whom there isn’t a modifier tacked on after the yes.

Aries. Aries goes off alone.
Our Eclipse eclipses out the whole world.

Grand Trine in Earth today, helping you to function.
To complete the tasks under your charge.

Make the most of it,

Soon enough a Mutable Cross with the Gemini Moon has us racing.
A Cardinal Cross comes after to steal a handbag, spike the punch, & still complain.

Power plays, busy bees & messy thinking combine, the 1st of October through the 5th.

~Interruption, incoherence, surprise are the ordinary conditions of our life. They have even become real needs for many people, whose minds are no longer fed by anything but sudden changes and constantly renewed stimuli. We can no longer bear anything that lasts. We no longer know how to make boredom bear fruit. So the whole question comes down to this: can the human mind master what the human mind has made?
– Paul ValĂ©ry ~ via whiskey river

Is there heroism in there somewhere,
amidst the servitude and disillusionment?

Is stress induced narcolepsy an appropriate response to the general work load & change in environs?

It’s not?!
Well what then?!


a cookie and an h.p.lovecraftian makover?


Hey Man,
whatever it takes.

Love YOU!!!


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