September 30, 2014

Lady Agnew of Lohnaw

Do you say what is on your mind?
Well do you?

We have this:

& again:

On the other side of the coin…

I do see progress arriving.
Inch by inch we are taking territory.

The thing is to grab it when you see it!
But when are you seeing it?

Can we form a Neptune Alliance?
Oh the blurries…

I try to pretend I remember what common sense looks like…
I make an educated guess…

As wild as these photos are of the protests in Hong Kong

isn’t there a surreal gentleness, at least in the pictures…the umbrellas repelling tear gas.

Pisces Neptune trine Scorpio Mercury,
the real story?
the whole story?

There is nothing gentle about police attacking protesters with chemical weapons, a reported 26 people taken to the hospital and 148 people arrested.

~Oh how Neptune obscures and presents! An image, an ideal. True, untrue.~

It’s found somewhere else, the willingness to continue on, and the fact that both sides, police and protesters slept where they landed. The photos are not of looting or destruction, but of faith, closing your eyes as you stake your life on what you believe in.

Love YOU!!!


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