September 29, 2014


Sagittarius Moon/Mars!

Grand Fire Trine!

Taking action from an usual perspective?

Moon/Mars hits Chiron ow! Move right thru it.
Embrace Yourself!

Who are you supposed to be anyway?!

Venus moves into her home sign of Libra tonight,
which I expect to come as a relief.


Mercury at 0 Scorpio.

Who can see around the corner?
Certainly not me at this juncture, the retrograde looks fierce!
Mercury in Scorpio brings up the ~mess with it~ level…
uneasy potential
give it a poke to see what happens…

should you do that?

honestly, I couldn’t say…
or not without your specifics!
No mud, no lotus.

But move in the direction that you feel brings you to life!


Love YOU!!!

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