September 27, 2013


~Happy Friday!~ Sez Sparkle Sloth!

Moon/Jupiter in Crab trines Scorpio Venus,
and Scorpio Venus squares Leo Mars,
Cardinal T-square/Grand Cross, but not that tight.

Do something nice for the Crabs you know…
their scene has been rough since forevz

Comfortable Escape would be perfect for everyone right now.
Whatever that looks like, even as undercurrents swirl and flow.

On one level, there is no escape,
It’s full on, all the time.
October/November is not only drastic astro, it’s inventive.
Uranus wants freedom, authenticity, clarity.
Pluto wants depth, that inexorable throb, pulse of life.

North Node/Saturn in Scorpio: the wheels of karma, which are def. in motion,
pitted alongside Cardinal Uranus square Pluto…
Pluto sextile Saturn/North Node
If you are not going to get to the core of yourself and reinvent,
over the next few months…

When Exactly?

Keep vomiting up the past,
weaving the threads of what you have into the future.
That’s a lovely visual, you’re welcome!

The unimaginable future, a miracle…
Moments that crystallize to generate whole new realities,
enacted in the obvious, the evident, plain, stark everydayeverydayeveryday.

Still, Pleasure is Recommended! As Ever! ALWAYS!
~no picking fights though~ Pride and Trust are the tripwires~

A good weekend to spend horizontal if you have time and inclination.

Love YOU!!!



Mercury moves to Scorpio soonsoonsoon,
I’ll write about it this weekend, so check back through!

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2 Responses to September 27, 2013

  1. Rochelle Licata says:

    So I’m Aquarius Sun, Moon, & Leo Rising, TRYING to be “relentless” in everything I do (per you excellent recent video) Can I be relentless about spending the weekend in laying down?

  2. o_lightning says:

    Hey Rochelle,

    Oh Absolutely! ; ) Everybody deserves a breather this weekend! <3

    p.s. I'm so glad you enjoyed the videos! I'm always trying to get myself to make them. xo

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