September 2, 2016


With Mercury Retrograde in Virgo,

it may take longer to decipher the whole message you no doubt received.
It’s not that it’s a whisper, for most people something came through loud and clear.

It’s more along the lines, that it’s as yet unfolding… our Saturn/Neptune dream versus realty/what is reality?/lost track of reality issue is peaking, & we are in the Eclipse Zone, that is to say between Eclipses, our next one is at 24 Pisces, a Full Moon on the 16th of September.

There is a fair bit of haze in the air, and the pollen hangs thick with the potential of new life.

It’s possible you want to shine a light from your decoder ring to decipher the ramifications…
Of which there will be many.

You may not need a full understanding in order to let go of what isn’t helping,
and to begin with what is.

Embrace health on every level it occurs to you.
This is a power of positivity moment.

if you are as sleepy as I am, it’s the power of positive lethargy.
Don’t beat yourself up, enjoy what you have, and when in doubt, go wholesome, go Virgo.
Ixnay on risky behaviors.

Keep your nose clean, look ahead.

Love YOU!!!!


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2 Responses to September 2, 2016

  1. Charlotte says:

    Oh man! My message came through loud and clear today. It was painful and in true retrograde form it harkened back to a similar interaction with another person. I guess it was like i got to see the issue a little bit clearer. So much Saturn, so much Neptune.

    I think my biggest lesson over the years is to a) listen when people tell you they have anger problems. Its not something I need to deal with no matter what my mars-pluto or venus-neptune (rose colored glasses) is. B) dissolve fear or it will appear.

    I believe in the positivity movement 🙂

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Charlotte,

      Nice to hear from you! Yes, people are often totally informative about what you can expect. :/ The good news is you can take it from here with clarified vision. Sending love. xo

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