September 18, 2013


Hey YOU!

if you want to read about the Full Moon in Pisces,
Scorp. Party, Pluto Direct… it’s alllll over the site.
especially Here and Here

I wrote this the other day, but it bears repeating:

How do you know when to hold on, and when to let go?

Never try to make anyone do anything.
Set your own goals.
Respect those you trust.
Go as deep as you can.
Wake whatever is sleeping in you.
Believe yourself when you hear the answer.

You can, unfortunately, waste time or talent,
but you can never be too loving or too kind.

If you do whatever you are doing,
from the core of your being, and without malice,
you are doing it right.

alright? Let’s relax a little.

burning man. I know but so worth watching.


To what I wrote above, I would add,
if you have the opportunity to be a hero over the next few days, take it.
If you have the chance to make things right, to straighten out tangles,
or to affirm your heart’s desire, do what you can.
Life is long, but this is one of those places, the road forks here.

Generosity of heart, forgiveness, commitment, letting go…
open to the mystery of experience

all swirled in to the water of everyday life,
that we drink to live.

Love YOU!!!



if you need a Pisces/Virgo/Scorpio style laugh, about choices, watch this:


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