September 17, 2013


Virgo Sun, (don’t forget!)
Pisces Moon/Neptune!

and of course, all this ….and uhhh… this

so what else is going on…?

I’ll take something over nothing every time!
Results this week, and today magic, if you’d like some…

Magic that takes work.

Venus/Saturn/North Node Trine Moon/Neptune/Chiron, Sextile Pluto.
Pluto/Uranus/Lilith in the mix, you know the rest.

Saturn does slow things down, with this set up, even the shocks may arrive underwater
believe it though, they are real.

Yesterday, I advocated for talking and writing, that still holds.

Uranus opposition Merc and Trine Mars, Mars sextile Merc
Jupiter Big Ups the whole maneuver!
Be careful driving! Some might caution you, on what you say,
but I think this is when you say it! Whatever it is!


Love YOU!!!!


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