September 16, 2014


The sky is so complicated these days, there is something for everyone.

all the while, the Cardinal Crew with their lives in flux… shaking up themselves and everyone around them… Challenge, Support, Evolution

I tend to run with Jupiter flavored peeps,
I like the bounce.
We are Uranian too, and often airy… we intellectualize,
& seem to crave a little distance from our lives, even as we live them.

I look at our charts, and our lives
& I notice we are always running away.
I’m sure Neptune is a factor there as well… escape.

What kind of security is built in to the open door?
Or how about this:
What kind of security is built in to a lock you can never pick?

The Moon is in Gemini this morning, moving to Crab in the afternoon.
From thinking to feeling.

Mercury is on the North Node,
Mars begins to square Neptune.

You can visualize what you want now.
You can see the future, as it could be.
Crystallize an image in your heart and begin to make it so.


I think Mars/Neptune is unfairly derided.
Yes, you need stamina (Saturn) to do anything with it,
but that is true of everything.

Read this on Mars/Merc/Neptune
This one too!

Remain present through your feelings this afternoon.
Are you receiving messages?

Over the next few days, Mars/Neptune will put a dream in your pocket…
do you have any use for it?

Only one way to find out.

Love YOU!!!!


*read this to understand the video,
It is an ancient story about a princess from the Moon.
The Moon that always changes, the Moon that never (always) stays.

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