September 17, 2014


Venus/Chiron 14 to 14.
Virgo Pisces axis.
The big hurt within our particular context.
Venus trines Pluto
Crab Moon trines Chiron

It’s not the devil in these details,
it’s the power of being who you are, unapologetic.

You are who you are, you want what you want.

an imperfect love?
aren’t we all,
*and the light we grow toward is worth the skins we shed along the way.

never arriving
(ow!there’s chiron!)

Don’t believe it! everywhere you are, you have arrived.
it’s always NOW.

are you learning something?

You can’t control anyone who doesn’t look out from the mirror when you look in.
What a relief!

AND now, with the Moon in Crab, pass me those scissors and a bottle of wine,
I’m making a collage, and a new playlist. Wait NO!
I’ve GOT to leave the house… Sag. Mars insists!

It’s a full sky, and you can get nearly anything you want out of it,
except a cool ten million & a clear conscience.

Never mind.
Keep Breathing. Slide along like a snake through the rocks.
Be in touch with those you love…


Speaking of stars of wonder…
I watched this on the lovely Stars of Wonder,
I was way impressed!
Kutiman has made a whole slew of videos well worth watching/listening!
and now he has put together a band!
I know, right?!

What a beautiful way to bring people together.
Cool composer! SUCH an easy accessible retro sound!

Love YOU!!!


*err… because we are snake-trees


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2 Responses to September 17, 2014

  1. Tam says:

    Love! the song Give it Up. I really like the video too

    All this goodness happening on my Virgo Uranus/Pluto conjunction. I’ve been sick since last Thursday, if it hasn’t been one thing it’s been another. Blech

  2. o_lightning says:

    Hey Tam,
    Thanks for writing! I like that song too! So much.

    I’m sorry you have been sick. 🙁
    As big a fan as I am of Virgo energy, I haven’t been enjoying the Virgo in the sky very much this go ’round. Not the weepy Pisces Full Moon, with Chiron full of learning and acceptance. It’s all take your medicine and no filler, plus I hate the perfection/paralysis. It’s nearly time to Libra, which will be dynamic… xoxox

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