September 15, 2015 Jupiter/Neptune, Saturn’s Dregs/Pluto Station/Eclipse Pattern












Is it any wonder that my coffee wasn’t strong enough, and I woke up craving red wine?
There is an awful lot of wrap up, and not a lot of clarity to go with it.

If you are waiting to know, to be 100% certain, you can stop now.
You have to make the choice and take the loss, I mean the gain, I mean the transition,
as it exists, not as you would have it.

There are no bows to wrap, and for some reason your cherry on top looks like an old boot.
Advantage? Bright side?

Absolutely, a window.


A loophole exists, and we escape.



It’s only hours, but look!
Here is where they keep hiding your sanity.

Take some time, from time to time, & go find it.

Check in on the well-being of your mental health, then go back to your deeply compromised and inexplicably beautiful life.

You know you are at the start of it, as terrifying as that sounds.
The death of so many things is a clear sign that your new life has begun.
Where you have invested your energy, the river you crossed, and here you are on the other side.

Is it terrifying there might be a shred of happiness with your name on it?
Can we weep for all we’ve left behind?

If you are old, like me, what sort of a life did you begin in 1985?
Well, it’s done now. You have the lessons and the memories, but you will not have that life.
A new destiny for you, and one quite unexpected.

Put the box in the ground and walk away.

There are presents and prizes,
(thank you Venus!)
there are rewards, & there is kindness, there are awful, horrendous surprises, and ordinary triumphs.

So….. uh…. why does it seem as though there is sh*t smeared over everything?
Even the very best things.

Imbued with sacrifice, sacrifice as intrinsic to survival.

Breathe deep and cut off your arm to get out of that trap,
only to find that ~out of the trap~ is a trap.
If you can’t be caught you can’t be loved.

Loved by whom?

Mercury turns back.

(september 17- october 9)
It’s the ordinary goodness you will come to depend on this year.
Pets. Friends. Service.

How did you help?

By the Full Moon Eclipse in Aries on September 27th, a bit more finality.
A drop kick has been preordained.
Un-takeable action, anger-suppression frustration & delay expressed as a punt.

If you need a finale, you can have one.
Whatever is leaving, ~goodbye, goodbye,~ you’ve been through it all,
just wave.

Love YOU!!!!



Lonnie Holley! What a revelation!!!

That is quite an interesting profile that the NY times put together on Mr Holley, but the word ~spiritual~ was missing, as was the word GENIUS.

His voice has a little bit of a Bobby Womack quality, the way he cradles and draws out some of the most evocative phrases.

Ephemeral Art, Art in Motion, Art as re-creating the world, a of living that is by nature spiritual. To imbue your surroundings with life. To alter the ordinary in such a way that these renewed objects become vessels for divine transmission.

Sculpture as a song, a song as a visionary escape.

No separation between life and art.

Mr Holley has his Sun, Jupiter, and Venus in Aquarius,
& what I’m guessing is a late Scorpio (obsessive, his sisters’ deaths spark his art ) or perhaps early Sagittarius (messy, creative) Moon.
Mercury in Capricorn, (thoughts into tangible creations, No item too humble)
Mars/Neptune in Libra, (transcendent Art). Saturn in Virgo, Uranus in Crab! Pluto in Leo (of course!)

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3 Responses to September 15, 2015 Jupiter/Neptune, Saturn’s Dregs/Pluto Station/Eclipse Pattern

  1. Sabina says:

    I love the concept of creating art from found objects. (Partly it’s a kind of recycling and partly it’s reflective of the ephemeral nature of everything, art included.) My talents and interests run to a small scale (Virgo) – what are commonly referred to as dollhouse miniatures, mostly because otherwise no one knows whereof you speak. So the scale is 1 inch equals 1 foot, although there are much smaller scales too. Anyway, here is a woman whose work I admire who makes just about everything from objects collected on the streets of downtown NYC.

    PS That Mr Holley is some dude!

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Sabina,

      Cool art! Thanks for the links! Miniatures are are interesting, like a world that expands your imagination in proportion to the tininess. As John Crowley would say – the further in you go, the bigger it gets!- 😉

      Oh Man! That poor fox has got the wrong leg in his mouth, and how apt does that feel sometimes? Note to myself: if you are going to chew off your leg, make certain you have the right one! xox

  2. Sabina says:

    And about ‘Breathe deep and cut off your arm to get out of that trap’ – just discovered this artist via Tumblr tonight – Wow! or is that Whew!?

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