September 12, looking around the corner… 2014


Everyone is on their own trip, trying to navigate the specifics,
of which there are many.

The breaking point is past, and now we look at how to place the pieces.

I think the blue goes next to the other blue…
it looks like we are making some sky. If you start in the corners it becomes easier to slowly fill in the middle. What’s missing?
What is there?
Plenty also.

It’s different than a give and take,
although you have to do that too
A major shift leaves almost a blank space where perception is supposed to be.

How do you take that?
As best as you are able, not really sure how it is meant.

Mercury in Libra
keeps on playing house with Jupiter, Chiron, Uranus, and Pluto.

~You be the Daddy! No you do it!~

Did you say the right thing?
How they took it is anyone’s guess,
but there is more than a little on the line for the outcomes.

Trying to be fair.
In this politeness counts as much as content.
Method matters.

Mercury makes for the North Node like a weary sailor seeks land.
They meet on Tuesday at 19 degrees Libra, with the Moon in Crab and Mars in Sag.

A defining moment with adjustments all around.
Monday’s Gemini Moon helps us sort through options flexibly.
Seeing from a slight distance, less stubborn = good.


We have beyond major Eclipses in October, the 8th and the 23rd.
The first, a Full Moon at 15 degrees Libra/Aries
& the second a New Moon at Zero Scorpio!

They both look to be massive for partnership restructuring.
I know you hear me Libras, and Libra Risings!
But it’s true for EVERYONE.
Each Eclipse deserves it’s own analysis, and we will do that, FOR CERTAIN.

Relationships Change. Not only romantic, partnerships, friends and enemies,
the balance in our lives will be shifting.

Right in the middle of Eclipse Central,
our Sun hits the North Node

destiny calling…think back to october 30th 2013

A very special Libra pile up on the week of October 12,
again the Moon, as it is next week.. in Gemini Moving to Crab.

On October 12th we will have Venus, Retro-Mercury,
and the Sun/North North Node in Libra.
All loosely opposing Uranus, & tightly sextiling Sagittarius Mars and Leo Jupiter.

Change is Life.

Think of September as a preview, or where the wheels are set in motion.

Mercury Retrograde October 4-19th,

means that Mercury will hit the North Node with finality
and forward motion on October 31st.
See whut I’m getting at?

Allow for the best possible outcome.

Allow that valuable alliances will sustain you.
Allow that you will be enough, that your state of becoming is a gift to the world around you.


Love YOU!!!!


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4 Responses to September 12, looking around the corner… 2014

  1. jgirl says:

    i think october will be big for me… my mars is 12 libra, saturn 15 libra, MC is 18 libra, pluto at 24 libra, moon at 28 libra, jupiter at 0 degrees scorpio. jupiter rules my chart, moon rules my sun in my 7H, mercury rules my 7H. sep 13 is also my ceres return, with ceres trining jupiter in leo in my 8H. “They both (the eclipses) look to be massive for partnership restructuring.” – i really really hope so.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey jgirl,

      I think you are absolutely correct. The Libras I know are making VERY big changes. They have completely run out of anything remotely imaginary, and they are all about pragmatism and growth. I hope you have exactly the kind of changes you seek. <3 Sending Love

  2. Tam says:

    “Right in the middle of Eclipse Central,
    our Sun hits the North Node
    destiny calling…think back to october 30th 2013 ”

    That was the time frame of the last time I saw and spoke to my best friend. I’m not getting my hopes up though.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Tam,

      I feel for you losing your friend. <3 I agree it won't be a repeat or a do over. That was Scorpio N.Node, this is Libra, New House, new topic, but there could be a progression. You have come this area of growth... type deal. Like marking astrological time, measuring our height on a tree. It is interesting to me how the nodes move backwards, against the rest of the zodiac. I mean they are not planets of course, just math. But conceptually it's a strange contrast... Sending Love

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