September 12, 2016




Virgo Sun conjunct Mercury today, and with our Mercury retrograde half over, let’s take a look around…
We are gathering information, digging a little deeper,
Which puzzle pieces arrive to click into place?
It’s not really a feelgood thing, it’s a catalyst.

Capricorn Moon, those family legacies.
History, obligation, mining the past details for gold.


The next steps appear without the ability to take them.

You are still in the fact finding zone.
A leap of faith could be on the way


A chance to reject messy unethical entanglement, yes again!
Jupiter has arrived in Libra,
but we are still processing Virgo/Pisces problems until we get beyond the Eclipse and our Mercury retrograde.
It seems a little unfair that we still have this gum on our shoe, or can not cross the river due to a hole in the boat and a world of trickle down problems that result.

Our next step IS coming, but first what may be an illuminating kick in the teeth,
or at best,
the slap that wakes you from hypnosis.

New opportunities do arrive. The chance to take them involves not leading with your wound, and not pretending.
We are not required to be invulnerable, we are required (if we want to succeed) to make healthy forward thinking choices.
No justifications, no enabling explanations, if you have to go there, know that you are in the wrong place.

What you do now, this week, and for the Full Moon Eclipse is to seek health, simplicity, purity.
Don’t hold on to outworn solutions that are partial at best.

The goal of looking back this time is deeper understanding, not backward time travel.
Use what you know, all of it, and admit (to yourself above all) what you don’t.

There is a love story beginning with Jupiter in Libra, clarity, balance, fairness.
By losing what is no longer relevant we are on a path to arrive at these.

Our Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces arrives on the 16th.
A part of the shift involves a new assessment of the past.

Once again: RELEASE.

Love YOU!!!!



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