September 12, 2013


Venus is only at 1 degree Scorpio, but she is moving very fast.
Here comes her trine to Neptune!

Even as Venus moves closer to Saturn…
with his face like a stone and his implacable hands.

<3 Keren Ann <3 that’s my song! sigh

The Moon still in Sagittarius, and Square the Sun,
you can run, and you can try to hide…
Uranus in Aries Trines Mars in LEO, and just manages to get away with it!
to take a chance you have been waiting on?

Virgo Sun still provides the sense of details,
that must be done, that are left undone…

Be kind to your body, that’s always best when the Sun is in Virgo.
and by be kind I mean, exercise and health, nutrition,
not the other side of kind with cake and sleeping in!

Let’s think of extra sleep as a neutral ground, as basically good,
while Venus Trines Neptune,
Who is having strong dreams?!

I dreamed of floods of course,
and the whole neighborhood trying to avoid drowning…

Well, I would!

Sometimes I think my psyche is undernourished or overfed,
it comes up with the most obvious enactments!

Have a beautiful day!!!

Love YOU!!!


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