September 11, 2014


Don’t let your ship run too far aground.

Use the space wisely when things don’t work out.
Void Moon in Aries, then later inconjunct ruler Scorpio Mars.

Give yourself a pass.
What actions can be taken?


This coloured counterfeit that thou beholdest,
vainglorious with excellencies of art,
is, in fallacious syllogisms of colour,
nought but a cunning dupery of sense;

this in which flattery has undertaken
to extenuate the hideousness of years,
and, vanquishing the outrages of time,
to triumph o’er oblivion and old age,

is an empty artifice of care,
is a fragile flower in the wind,
is a paltry sanctuary from fate,

is a foolish sorry labour lost,
is conquest doomed to perish and, well taken,
is corpse and dust, shadow and nothingness. ~
-Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz

Well then. May as well enjoy it.

I love that poem, bitter as it is, because I love paradox, and what is that poem after all but art, art the only solace against time by whom we are all individually defeated.
One at a time, and no matter how together, alone.

There, have I finished cheering you up?
The poem is still there to be read, and the connections we make, bring us as close to heaven as earth allows.

Continue on,
Taurus Moon for late night and mañana
will be better…
we will have Moon Trine Venus in Earth and everybody loves that.



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