September 11, 2013


Heeeeeeey! Sagittarius MOON! YAY!

Venus in Scorpio readallaboutit!. Merc in Libra,

Stands may be taken on matters of principal,
judgment calls and the like,
keep your sense of humor, a light true heart.

Today is sure to be fast paced, there are jolts and surprises!

The energy starts moving.
Thank Goodness!!!

BLOCKED ENERGY has to be one of my least fav feelings ever!
Yes yes, I accomplish a TON.
push push push theboulderupthehill
but I don’t like it!

did anyone else see Leo Mars Square Saturn in Scorpio as HAIR problems!?

We are having the great hair debacle of 2013, at my house!
you don’t want know!!!

We are moving into a wild wild world, not all in one go,
but the scales tip that way…

Over the next week, expect to be challenged, busy, illuminated, hassled,
you may have to stand up for yourself, or someone else, take a risk,
show your feelings, get clarity,
use your brains, talk talk talk, and catch some surprising news.
Developments are rapid.

I heart Pink Martini! So Free, So Fun!

Breathe Deep. Trust yourself.

Love YOU!!!


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