Scorpio Sun/Saturn, Neptune Direct, New Moon in Sagittarius 2014


It’s that in between time.
Virgo Moon on it’s way to Libra by afternoon.

All the while…
Scorpio Sun/Saturn


Things matter, and they take time.
As if you needed a reminder! Who writes these plot-lines!?!

It DO go slow!

An Open Book?
I think not!
If you find one lying around you can be sure you are not reading right.

Finishing up unfinished biz. Putting everything behind you. Clearing out, Clearing away. Letting go.

Consequences. Rewards and Punishment.

Even the subtext has subtext, but what does it matter at this point?
Lines will be drawn, and you either step off into the next reality,
or you stay where you are, and simply turn the page.

This album gets better as it goes.

What with all the recent No’s that were said,
isn’t there a YES about to show up somewhere?!?!

Neptune in Pisces is Direct now.

Makes me think of that Nadia Gilchrist title:
In the Land of the Dreamy Dreams.

Something is about to loosen up.
Welcome to Paradox!

Go HERE for a post on the retrograde

New Moon @ Zero Degrees Sagittarius on Saturday November 22nd.
Me likes.

Good or bad, we get some kind of adventure going.
An Opening.

We step away from obligation, walk a moment with experience.
What kind? Who knows what Jupiter/Neptune will provide!
Big Talk, Big Dreams, ESCAPE, or just disappear!?


Something to learn, & a little anesthesia goes a long way.
By the time you get to Saturday,
what could sound better than a chance to begin?
To open a door into where?
Where are you going?!

Some place you don’t already know.

The New Moon brings us our Sun in Sagittarius,
Looking on the bright side will once more be permitted.

Especially after the 28th of November when Mercury moves to Sag!

Take advantage! Capricorn season is crazy-bats this year.

Completely soak up all the actual joy and pleasure you find,
wherever you find it!
Open to the new, Open to the unexpected…
Open to not knowing the answers.
Stay with it! Stay with the questions.

But first, a word from our sponsor:


Love YOU!!!!


~You cannot always stay on the summits. You have to come down again… So what’s the point? Only this: what is above knows what is below, what is below does not know what is above. While climbing, take note of all the difficulties along your path. During the descent, you will no longer see them, but you will know that they are there if you have observed carefully. There is an art to finding your way in the lower regions by the memory of what you have seen when you were higher up. When you can no longer see, you can at least still know… —René Daumal from The Art of Climbing Mountains~


lol! Neptune Much!

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