Scorpio New Moon Eclipse * Mercury Direct * Weekend October 24, 2014

Ziegfeld Model - Non-Risque - 1920s - by Alfred Cheney Johnston.
It’s a beautiful and pivotal weekend.
Even if nothing notable happens, it’s the kind where you look back and say

~ Ahhhh that’s when the seeds went in the ground~

We have had time to think
We have had time to talk
Now this:

Venus conjuncts the Sun Friday.
Saturday: Scorpio Moon/Saturn + Venus Sun
Mercury Direct.
There it is.

This far and no further?
Or the further in you go, the deeper it gets?

Mars moves to Capricorn ~STAMINIA~,
Sun/Venus to sextile.

by Sunday… Sagittarius Moon and Sun + Venus trine Neptune!


Now that it is officially Scorpio Season should we spend our lunch breaks listening to erotic city and getting down with the post man?

Errrr…. well…mischief potential does return
So too the idea that traps set may catch you.
Hearts engage

Saturn in Scorpio nearing his final death match ensures that there is content.
Life force without pity or mercy instead;

A non-verbal honesty
A bit sober, but no less primal

This is deep water.
and you have found your way here at last.

Dive Sweethearts.

allllllll the way dowwwwn.

If something is leaving you, take note:
It is already gone.

What’s left is yours to keep.


Where has Saturn in Scorpio been schooling you for the last two years,
by solar and natal chart?

What have you had to learn?
Can you learn it now?

Are you in a position to find out what you need to know?
the value of intimacy is…
and the cost?
with whom? for whom? because why?



Love YOU!!!!



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6 Responses to Scorpio New Moon Eclipse * Mercury Direct * Weekend October 24, 2014

  1. Jgirl says:

    You’re so wonderful thank you! 0 Scorpio is my chart rulers (Jupiter) degree in my 10H. Mars conjunct my Neptune/AC, my Juno/Lilith is 1 cap, Pluto on my SN. Mercury rules my 7H, conj my MC with the NN. Juno is conj my vertex in my 8H.. Saturn is in my 11H, conj my progressed MC. Oh and my moon is 28 libra too in 10H. Neptune trine my sun in cancer in my 7H. I can feel the shift taking place. I’ve reclaimed my power! I feel mars in my 1H strongly.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Jgirl!
      You are so welcome! How was your Eclipse?
      Celestially, I feel like things are in motion but slowly (cap mars) and not all the dust has cleared.
      Reclaiming your power is major! Congrats! xox

      • jgirl says:

        major shift in a positive direction with my friend and my individual life in general! mercury direct is fabulous too. mars in my 1H is power and confidence, but this time around its controlled power. yes not all the dust has cleared and things will move slowly, but what is sowed will be permanent right? earth. im hopeful. and feel so much lighter! i feel like that eclipse on my chart ruler helped transform me in ways that i’d been working on for some time. my progressed moon is 28 sag, so its in my 1H but i feel like when it hits cap in december there will be commitment. my friends progressed moon hits taurus in december as well, our prog moons are trined right now. 🙂 im learning which aspects and transits are really the most life changing.
        how was your eclipse? i hope it brings you positive new beginings 🙂

        • o_lightning says:

          Hey jgirl,

          I’m so happy the Eclipse was good to you! <3 That all sounds really great.
          Surprisingly for a New Moon, lots of things in my life died!
          I guess that's Scorpio for you! Mercury is moving very slowly on this end, the jury is still out here and there...
          I'm looking forward to some new growth springing up wherever it may... xo

  2. connelly567 says:

    Saturn is 10th house Virgo natally and transiting 12th house about to cross over my ascendent. I have worked hard” unexpectedly lost a job I moved 3000 miles to accept,then found a much better one with a great boss who unexpectedly quit. I am taking on new responsibilities and gaining confidence which was lacking for a good 5 years before. Transiting 12th? That house confuses me.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey connelly567,

      Things should come into focus a bit more as Saturn clears your ASC.

      Saturn in the 12th often deals with processing fears. The 12th house confuses a lot of people. You are in good company. 🙂
      Think, Neptune, think Pisces, and those fishes swimming two ways at once.

      For the Saturn in the 12th, it’s a good time to make the ethereal tangible.
      Do good deeds. A practical faith? Supported by invisible power?
      The rules/structure is out of your hands, but following the flow of it is not. xox

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