Scorpio Monday

“What is the bad stuff… you know f**king Mornings…”

Dylan Moran is a Super Scorpio.His Sun Mercury and Venus are all in Scorpio,
Opposing his Taurus Moon.
Who but a Taurus Moon would say “Cake is the language of love.”?

His Mars is in Aqua, that gives him his quirky magic detachment.

I think he works all those fixed squares brilliantly!
Jupiter in Sagittarius helps to brighten him up.
He has some really great routines about religion and death.
Super combo of Sagg and Scorpio, His Aqua is showing a bit here too.

We ought to celebrate him while it is still Scorpio Season.

I love his Black Books character! It’s a man obsessed (Scorpio), with drinking and smoking (Scorpio). He is an eccentric (Aquarius) who sells books (Sagittarius), for money (Taurus), controls the lives of his employes (Scorpio), but just wants to be left alone.

If you have watched his stand up comedy, you know that he loves intimacy, cookies, and booze, and he makes fun of provincialism and consumerism…
while maintaining a naturally Scorpionic outlook on life..

it won\'t let me link this one, but you should click it

He always points out the higher truths in his stand up routines, and he NEVER NEVER, talks about his personal life… and he loves women really truly loves them…

I think he actually likes gardening… It’s that Taurus Moon

Scorp. Gotta love it!

Happy Monday



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