Scorpio Lunar Eclipse Fairy Tales


The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio takes place on April 25 at around 5 Scorpio,
Saturn’s at 8 degrees and in retro motion, applying toward the Moon.

Scorpio has the Moon, Saturn and the North Node on her side,
Taurus has the Sun, South Node, Venus and Mars.


Old responsibilities that come back around.
Rumpelstiltskin shows up for your kid.
You did promise. straw into gold?

Youth and beauty are pitted against age and experience.
Something simple versus something complex.

It’s possible that money will change hands here, or contracts will be signed.

What can be traded against power? Love? Money? Guilt?
It’s the end of the line for something.


What do you have to let go of, to get what you want?

As Saturn AND Pluto are both moving backwards,
this is likely the continuation of old biz.
Think back to November 13th,
This time it is not so gentle as that was.


There will be another pass, with these themes,
when the planets are in forward motion.

Whether they are driving in your coffin nails or celebrating your freedom…
September for Saturn, December for Pluto
So too, another couple of Eclipses coming.

Jupiter in Gemini suggests that you consider the whole thing
from multiple angles.

If not the angle of the person you are in conflict with,
then at least widen your perspective, to take in some other views.

Saturn in Scorpio opposing Venus in Taurus,
is the wicked old Queen and young innocent Snow White.

Saturn is time, the queen is aging…
Experience is often wisdom, that when you are young it’s hard to see.
(family) obligation versus desire?
It’s not personal, or maybe it is…
how will the Queen enact her revenge?

If you know the Story, you know that Snow is not powerless,
She is the rightful heir to the throne…

A poison apple? Maybe not quite poison, with North Node in proximity to the Moon.
Or if it is a poison apple,
it’s the only way Snow White will get to meet the prince.
Fate is like that, no?

snow white

The Scorpio Moon is ruled by that Mars in Taurus.
When the Moon is in Taurus, we say it’s exalted, so mutual reception of a kind.
There does seem to be a trade going on,
and Pluto supports both sides
Hot tempered is right, but it all may be suppressed, in favor of seething rage.
Mars in Taurus doesn’t fight for real unless horribly provoked,
then at once that fire is a murderous blaze.


To make things more clear, and more complex,
think also about the Saturn/Mars opposition.
Where Saturn and Mars are in aspect, we see repression, some combination of stamina and cruelty.

Scorpio Moon/Saturn is already wounded and concealing it with a stony gaze.
She’s bleeding, drops of her blood can be seen on the stone of the palace stairs…
Should we bring in wolves to hunt her? I think not.

Old Rulers are harsh when they are wounded, and when they know well they have something to lose.
For best results be respectful.

Neptune is the fairy godmother who arrives just as you are crying.
She is the vision you see through a blurry haze of tears.
There is support available, you may have to ask.

The idea of a Full Moon Eclipses is to RELEASE.
Let me put that a different way, not to release your emotions on someone,
but to let them go, period.
To move to the next stage of the game.

In order to get ahead, there will have to be some sacrifice.
Emotional maturity, and depth will have to be exercised.
Everyone: esp. Taurus,
You do not need to let anyone push your hand.
But, you may feel the urge to settle things in a once and for all type way.

It’s alright to take a breather,
even 5 mins in a hallway can mean a world of difference,
if you are feeling pressured, particularly if there are documents to sign.

There is an air of permanence around this,
as though you will be forced to honor whatever you agree to.

With this set up, LISTEN as much as possible,
look for the tells, there will be many.

You can consult an expert.
As near as you are able, do what is “right.”
Taking a long term view of what that means.

Eclipses are often described as portals, I really like that bit of astrobabble.
We have 4 or 5 a year, usually, so not each one is earthshaking,
some simply go down like an extra big Full or New Moon.
Howevs, certain Eclipses have marked me, for good and ill,
just like a thumb print in a piece of clay.

If you have anything prominent in the Fixed Signs,
or Fixed Signs on the angles, listen up.

Which brings me to the next in our series of Eclipses,
A New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus on May 9th
I am completely not kidding,
when I say I like the look of the May 9th New Moon Eclipse A LOT.
I will write about it laterz,
BUT, as a Beautiful New Beginning,
it looks good to me.

For Eclipses, I always wind up talking about omelets and eggs,
but I do see them that way.
To be novel, I can point out that you can not both eat your cake, and still have it.
We let go of one thing to have another.

Things ARE moving at a deep level.
Pluto assures it, in her own ruthless way, she often works for the highest good.
Mercury/Uranus in Aries, still a wild card.
An idea thrown at the last min, which changes the game.
A letter you have been waiting for, a phone call at the last second.
Unpredictable. Watch what you say.
A new way forward is needed, and a new way will be the outcome, regardless.

The Future (north node) is calling us.
There may be emotional or other sacrifice required to fulfill our calling.

Pisces is a help in this. Look to the house where you have Pisces for some relief.

If nothing comes up for you, so much the better,
Can you do all this in the privacy of your own mind?

In a word, YES.
Find a way to use the energy, there will be plenty.
Tackle a hard job.
Commit to something you know is going to cost you,
so long as you are sure it’s worth the price.

Love YOU!!!


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5 Responses to Scorpio Lunar Eclipse Fairy Tales

  1. Louise says:

    Pfff I think I’m feeling this lunar eclipse a lot. It’s happening in my 4th house, in Scorpio where Saturn retro + the Moon opposite my moon (conjunct MC in Taurus) and square the sun (in Leo in 12th house along with Cancer Mars).
    I’ve been really struggling the past 5 years on a phd project (first saturn return i think), and now is the time to decide wether I’m going to complete it or not. So much emotions, feeling of not deserving it… Fear and anxiety… It’s like my intellectual faculties are clouded. Some constant underlying rage or anger I need to deal with first, a feeling of being repressed and locked up in my own life. Maybe it’s my Sun and Mars in 12th house, maybe it’s the saturn return. Feels likt lots of karma. Surely Saturn in Scorpio is bringing to the surface unresolved childhood emotions, as well as questions my home and life habits. Saturn conj Pluto in the 3rd house squaring that passive-agressive Cancer Mars, it feels so hard to move forward, to even start any action, even more difficult to talk and express myself regarding it. My life feels like a souflé that falled back down, like any success so far turned out being just air. Falling on the ground hard.

    I have to decide wether I am going to complete this phd. I used to see it as a useful tool for the future. I don’t know anymore. MC-Moon is shaky shaky. It’s in Taurus, so giving up didn’t impose itself like the right option so far. But it’s been so long now… Retro Saturn is really asking me how long I’m going to hold on. And for what ? Is the cost worth it ? I have no idea what is right to do. I just know the autopilot is not serving anymore.
    People say I should enjoy my life. Which is probably true to. People also say I should finish that project. Truth is I’m just frightened to let go of it. I can’t make my mind if i’m doing it out of ego need (for security and social recognition) or for a higher purpose that I’m not seeing (yet?).
    With all those oppositions, the answer changes at every different angle. :-p
    Love astrology though, I love your blog !!!

  2. o_lightning says:

    Hey Louise!
    Thanks for writing. I appreciate it! Sounds like you have a lot of symbolism tied up in your degree.
    See if you can separate out the strands of the past, and the present.
    It’s never feels great to decide things with fear in your heart.
    Love+Pragmatism will often give you an answer that works, if you trust in yourself.
    Consider the balance between fear of failure and that other one, fear of success.
    Have faith you will make your life right in just the ways you need to. <3 Sending Love. XoX

  3. brenda says:

    at this point, i am ready. exhausted, alone and at a very low place…i need this.

  4. o_lightning says:

    Hi brenda,
    Thanks for writing. Sometimes it’s really good to let go. I am sending love, rest and energy. Hoping that you have all you need. The New Moon in Taurus on May 9th, looks like a beautiful beginning. xox

  5. Louise says:

    Thank you Omie !

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