Scorpio Full Moon, May 10, 2017




~ As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.~ *





How’s that Truth Serum going?

How do people react when you play the cards you are holding?
It’s interesting, right?
What a pivot.

Have you had any new ideas?
What on earth are you going to do with them?


Mercury conjunct Uranus rules the day, setting our massive North Node/Mercury/Uranus/Saturn Grand Fire Trine in motion. Mars in Gemini aligns with Jupiter to pit actual reality against fantasy, via a square to Neptune, with excellent results.

You may be more than a little busy running to keep up, but it should be way beyond worth it. This is an a perfect Moon to stand your ground as an adult. Be brave, stay rational, keep your eyes open, take your steps and let reality unfold. Half the battle is knowing where your boundaries are, the other half is recognition.

Recognition. Not only pattern recognition, although that plays a part, it’s also about knowing what’s yours to keep and what is not. What to say, and what to let slide right on by. Time is an element in conversation, as it is in any development. There are developments now. We are on a journey.

Love YOU!!!


*Rumi ~ I know I know, Rumi!!! But Rumi is fantastic!


Saints to Light the Way:


~ Everything in Our World Did Not Seem to Fit

Once they started invading us.
Taking our houses and trees, drawing lines,
pushing us into tiny places.
It wasn’t a bargain or deal or even a real war.
To this day they pretend it was.
But it was something else.
We were sorry what happened to them but
we had nothing to do with it.
You don’t think what a little plot of land means
till someone takes it and you can’t go back.
Your feet still want to walk there.
Now you are drifting worse
than homeless dust, very lost feeling.
I cried even to think of our hallway,
cool stone passage inside the door.
Nothing would fit for years.
They came with guns, uniforms, declarations.
LIFE magazine said,
“It was surprising to find some Arabs still in their houses.”
Surprising? Where else would we be?
Up in the hillsides?
Conversing with mint and sheep, digging in dirt?
Why was someone else’s need for a home
greater than our own need for our own homes
we were already living in? No one has ever been able
to explain this sufficiently. But they find
a lot of other things to talk about.

Naomi Shihab Nye ~ all this via the incredible Wait-what?

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