Scorpio Full Moon April 22, 2016 Plus the Mars and Pluto Retrograde Station



The other day I made a note on my iphone, I wrote

~ complete fragmentation of every single thing ~

Perhaps I was thinking of styrofoam in the water,
or something else…

Is it possible to pull things together when they have been pulled apart?
Is it possible ?

those plastic death beads of convenience.


Is a straight line between two points really the shortest distance?

One of the concepts in Chinese Landscape Design
is that you don’t want to see it all at once. A winding path refracts the view, changing it from a static position to a series of small revelations. The many perspectives create a minute voyage with intrinsic value. Not one single experience, a linear kaleidoscope.

Banks of a Stream Where Creatures Bathe.

I can’t compete.
Giving of my very
Self, I’ve seen you
Clouded by the gift.

You want diversions
Deeply pure, is that it?
Trust me. I keep trying
Not to break down.

I know the hoof
Imprinted on my clay
His bulk and poise
Who drinks you, enters you;

And holds you close,
Too close to make the best
Of that recurrently
Real beast in you.

At dawn asleep
In fairness take these colors.
Do not sweep me
Downstream with the stars.

James Merrill wrote that poem, it’s from his 1972 book called Braving the Elements. In keeping with our theme, it’s not the whole poem I’ve reprinted here. Only the last pieces.


It’s Taurus time now, and a Scorpio Full Moon!

How do we manage our resources, our value, what does it mean to possess?

The Scorpio Full Moon takes place at 2 Scorpio/Taurus, at Midnight Central US time and it’s nearly without aspect

A shot in the dark, or kiss, and with Venus touching Uranus (sorry sorry!) at 20/21 Aries.
That Aries conjunction along with Mars, & Pluto, brings us our Full Moon revelations and critical situations.

Cardinal and Mutable signs dominating a Fixed situation tells us that we will be busy!
Multiple and competing priorities challenge you while a clear necessity emerges:
the bottom line.

A typical Full Moon?
Way more than! It’s hectic!
Issues of timing are the everything.

Flow toward what you need, dodging the shock intrinsic in the surprise elements with the grace of a celebrant arrived at her festival, the elegance of a stream. I doubt you can dodge the elements themselves. These hooks have bait and strings.


A Mutable T-Square in the sky, Jupiter, Neptune, Mars & Saturn, strung together and at odds
to keep you second guessing.

The Pisces factor is indescribably pervasive.
Neptune and Chiron providing loss and gain in irreplaceable proportion.


Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all within a degree of their retrograde station:
(either where they stopped or where they begin to move again)

Pluto at 17 Capricorn,
Saturn at 15 Sagittarius,
Jupiter at 13 Virgo,
Mars at 8 Sagittarius.

These positions like a held breath, a constellation of acupuncture needles.

Pluto in Capricorn, The Virgo North Node & Jupiter, and Taurus Mercury make a Grand Trine in Earth.
Opportunity knocks! It IS real, but is it possible??

Mars/Saturn squares Jupiter, the timing is rough!
The Venus/Uranus contact is a surprise opportunity, a fresh idea at odds with the prevailing structure.

Life will pivot as we release and exhale the last month of uncertainty.
To a new deeper uncertainty with a trajectory like a winding path.

Five planets retrograde tipping us back, to old problems which request more deeply felt solutions.
As the rules become unwritten, as the shape of reality bends, remember that you are not now nor have you ever been able to control the shape of things to come.

Instead you align yourself, you participate in it, creating not once or even a thousand times, but continuously, by microcosm, by huge leap, listening, playing, dancing.

Love YOU!!!!


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I need you, and you, and absolutely YOU!!! <3 p.s. Peeking around the corner we see a Mercury Retrograde on the 29th of April that won't let up until May 22. Given the positions of Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Virgo this can only be a good thing. We go back for something of value. Substantive. Particularly interesting will be the week of May 9th, when Jupiter goes direct! p.p.s Sometimes things just emerge from a black hole I guess!

and guess what else?! A beautiful lecture from Priyamvada Natarajan on Dark Matter and Dark Energy

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