Scorpio Full Moon May 14, 2014


Scorpio Full Moon on Wednesday


The bills come due one way or another… a series of bottom lines.
Can you work with people to sort it?

That’s the one and only way it can be done.

Some dreams will be broken this week,
Simply because reality will break them.

Not the idea of the thing, but the thing itself,
flawed, imperfect, and present,
the steps you have to take to get to the places you want to go.

~ You would think if you were supposed to make so many changes “they” wouldn’t have made it so hard to manage. Less confusion, less delay, less overall impossible conundrum. ~

It is exactly that, the impossibility of the next necessity that drives this ship forward.
When the simple way is impossible, a work around must be found.

Mars in Libra, trine Mercury in Gemini,
Gemini Merc sextile Venus/Uranus

Bounce that situation back and forth,
Is there a solution on the horizon?

Well, is there?

Open up about what you need.

A release?
Cry now & Laugh after
or is it the other way around?

A built in Surprise, or a Freedom once our dues are paid.
Venus is conjunct Uranus in Aries and opposed/square the whole shebang.


It takes a whole boat load of acceptance to sail ahead right now.


It doesn’t look easy, but it does look worth it.
Only the strong survive?
Let’s count ourselves among them.

This story is written in very broad strokes with a hand the size of the sky.
When you confront your problem, money, scarcity,
slow down and consider it.

Consider that it may have solutions.

This Moon reminds me of when the mountain won’t come to Muhammad

How did he get there?

Love YOU!!!



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5 Responses to Scorpio Full Moon May 14, 2014

  1. ditisjenn says:

    Just had my second interview at a monkey sanctuary today. Been trying for a long time, like since the end of 2012. Now it looks really good. I’ll hear the answer on Thursday, which is when venus/uranus are on my natal moon. I think I’m going to make a fresh start here. Although what you wrote reflects a lot of unfinished business that I will be able to take care of when I get a job. Money money. Thing is, uranus on my moon makes me very carefree about it. I feel like I’m up for it. I enjoy free stuff and the (jupiter in cancer) care my parents provide me with (I will thank them forever). I have grown up a lot over the past months (saturn return) Just need an income, a lucky break. Which uranus has always given me (ruler of my sun making a minor grand trine with sun/moon as well). To me this feels more like the cross than the cross did. This is where it works out, where it unfolds for me.

    Always find something in your blog! Thanks.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey ditisjenn,

      I like the sound of that! The Grand Cross is not over, as we will see as soon as Mars turns direct! It’s an amazing time to be alive, especially if you like challenges! lol! But I do like challenges, and I think many of my readers do as well. Good Luck on Thursday with Venus/Uranus! That is big and exciting! xoxo

  2. Charlotte says:

    Thank you 🙂 I had a rough day today and I feel like this entire post says it all. Saw a friend I haven’t seen in months, and it was like she could see what I was going through, without the details. She held my hand and said “let it go. It’ll be ok.” Honestly I wasn’t even sure all I was holding on to when she said that, but I knew she was right.

    Later my substitute mom, told me there is another way. I’ve been losing my hair for years and its been devastating. Super neptune, and there aren’t any clear answers. I said I just want to accept it and mourn it. She agreed but styled it anyway, then I found a headband that looks like a fascinator. There is some way around, some way I’ve never seen and probably can’t find on my own because Mars is in Libra and I can’t pull through anything alone anymore.

    Venus is squaring my crab sun now and ohmygoodness I wanted my shell.

    • Charlotte says:

      For context, I’m a 10th house venus and chiron opposite moon-uranus and I work in a hair salon. Idk maybe that’s perfectly fitting, or just a funny coincidence.

      • o_lightning says:

        Hey Charlotte,

        Thanks for writing!! I’m sorry you were having a rough day. I bet that headband looks so cute! Loss/Acceptance/Progress that’s the cocktail… 10th house Venus/Chiron opposite Moon-Uranus is so descriptive. Astrology is so often literal, which I love. Sending Love your way!!! xoxox

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