Saturn/Neptune + Mars/Venus/Jupiter, Pisces Sun


A dream of stability in unstable times.
Some type of commitment that keeps you centered,
even as it changes…

While the nature of the commitment itself wavers, flickers,
deepens, bends and reappears.

Once upon a time
when I was receiving advise about how to use psychic energy,
I was told that because I had so many guides,
I shouldn’t expect them to appear the same every time,
to think of a flame, always moving, full of light.

Venus and Mars in Aries trine Saturn in Sagittarius.
Retro Leo Jupiter says ~OH YES YOU CAN,
but you have to take into account the current conditions~


which may vary according to transit


It’s not that you are looking backward, not at all,
in fact the past is a rapidly receding fuel pump in the review mirror,
nothing more.

If you are about to receive what you wanted, do you still want it?
Now Jupiter holds up a possible yes to your old hopes


Do you like them ?

Does the old ambition, correlate well with the new reality?
Is it possible to assess what that new reality even is?

~ Not when you are mid process in co-creation with chaos~
It’s better, different, more costly, and harder to focus.


Not god(s) who look down and laugh with a cruel smile.
Nor is god, at the moment, a benevolent type.

It’s a twist of fate maneuver.

You can’t see clearly, the blind spots are immense, that’s a given.
Trust then, in the value of the journey (saturn in sag.) because it’s plain you have not arrived yet.

Wake up over and over,
close your eyes and begin again.


Love YOU!!!!


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