Saturn Squares Neptune June 6, 2016


It’s hard to imagine, though there is no imagination required.

It’s puzzling to understand that events unfolding,
or not unfolding,
are genuine and in real time,
on both national (or international) and personal/interpersonal levels.

Is this somehow not a mirage?

Could this moment in time possibly be an accurate consequence of a believable chain of events?
And if that is true, why did we not see it coming?

Why did we imagine there was going to be a happy or wholesome happenstance that would prevent this moment from taking place? Did you project that the accumulated good will would some how carry you over?

Or, because we don’t know everything, because there is so much more at work than we can ever see, that some of it, some of what was to happen, would potentially be good, and would solve these particular problems incidentally, as we continued to grow in the directions we imagined for your lives…

Could you now conceptualize that some of these results are good luck?
Emphatically so.
is that disrespectful to the wealth of our feelings, and the absolute need we have for a certain solution?

Could it be simpler to say we have had good luck in some areas and not in others?


There seems to be some paradox at work where we are called to acknowledge how little we are in control and simultaneously required to get a grip.
Boundaries are the key here, and yet every action spills over.
There is a ridiculous amount of bleed.


Yes and No.
In the face of other people’s perspectives and wishes,
or is that other people’s psychosis and delusion?
but also,
we are up against larger more regional practicalities,
the cost of living, or the job market for your skill set for example.


Is it all your fault?
Something to the tune of not wanting to believe the warning signs?
Was there a way out as the road narrowed to unacceptable choices?
Or have you made the choice and a way to live with it,
but find yourself still swinging on the fence?

How could you have been prepared?
And yet why are you not more so?!
These ghosts are fierce!

Dreamers fare poorly, it is they who need the most protection,
yet, isn’t this when we find out that every person has a dream?

Let go of all that backward looking self-blame.

How do we arrive at our paradigm shift?

It’s not so much that there is a reason for everything, rather there is a USE for everything.

However little you are in control,
taking full responsibility for your position instantly places you in the drivers seat.

If you can’t, (and since you shouldn’t) protect yourself from knowledge,
realize that it is only with knowledge,
through knowledge that you CAN protect yourself.

Actively working with the Mutable planets is your best bet, Particularly Saturn.

READ THIS if you have not done so already and READ IT AGAIN if you have done it once before.

What seemed so theoretical, we are living it now!
Amazing! Exhausting! Terrifying!

Meanwhile…Incremental practicality. Try it.
Again, again, again.

as Zach Condon so plainly puts it in his song AT ONCE

Additional notes:

Saturn squares Neptune
12 degrees Sagittarius, to 12 degrees Pisces,
and opposes the Gemini Sun and Venus,

Jupiter in Virgo at 14 degrees opposes the Fishes and Squares the Archer.

There is no conflict free zone, nor is there the purity of blameless conviction.

I think it may have been Uber-Virgo Astrologer Liz Green who pointed out that there is no planet that Saturn will not immediately contradict.

Jupiter Expands,
Saturn Contracts

Venus Loves,
Saturn Fears

The Moon Feels
Saturn Represses

The Sun is Warmth and Health
Saturn is Cold and Disease

Mars Advances
Saturn is Immobile

Neptune is Dreams and Saturn is Reality

Pluto Destroys
Saturn Maintains.

It’s a tonic, corrective.

In this case, Saturn is in Jupiter ruled Sagittarius which makes it it’s own contradiction,
no other planets needed, though of course we have them all.
Jupiter in Virgo = Also a contradiction.

To contract what should be large,
and to expand what is perhaps better off small.

Big oaks come from tiny acorns, not only as a parable.

If we can not ground our hopes in reality,
we may have them, but we will never keep them.
Just begin.

Doesn’t this also describe a grass roots political movement?
Or a humble yet innovative invention?

To do:
Eat, sleep, move your body, don’t isolate.


Believe in your life and in the lives of of the people you know.
Faith in the Journey.

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Love YOU!!!!


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How is THIS for Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Virgo?
Heaven is in the details, which bring us closer by expanding our boundaries.


Rest in peace, rest in power to the Greatest of All Time.
Capricorn Muhammad Ali


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