SATURN POWER Johnny Cash, Saturn in Libra

Saturn Power

The beauty of Saturn, standing as it does between the personal planets
and the outer planets is that Saturn is about what you do.

In that way it is deeply and rewardingly simple.

What did you do?

Yes, an overdose of Saturn will make you dour and gloomy
but in the most simple terms
Any Saturn problem can be linked to cause and effect,
and when a problem is traceable, it is solvable.

It will never give you bliss like Neptune,
What it will do instead is save your life.

Saturn is exalted Libra and will be there until October
These last 2 years have been about finding balance in our RELATIONSHIPS

Justice and Balance
Libra is Ruled by Venus
Fairness in Love = Beauty in Action

When your Saturn is working you can respect yourself
and if you can do that, you can be respected by others.

( at least the ones who are working their Saturn)

The God of Time, and Bones, and Teeth: Structure.
The challenge of those with a strong Saturn signature in their charts
is learning to overcome FEAR.

Fear of Failure.

Fear of Success.

Fear of Solitude.

You can’t lose, if you don’t try…
or maybe, just maybe

if you don’t try you are already losing…

n’est c’est pas?

Your success depends not on luck, but on what you do.
Could be what you do with your luck,
could just be what you do, period.


The Ruling planet of Aquarians and Capricorns alike.
Those difficult visionaries and rigid accomplishers of the
most insanely challenging goals.

Their secret weapon….?
and our hero Practicality! haha

Your Action = Your Result

Johnny Cash, a multiple (12th House!) Pisces Sun, Mars, Mercury and North node and Asc!
with Saturn at home in late Aquarius, in easy aspect to all that,
and Square his Scorpio Moon!

Notice something else Johnny did with his life ?

He PARTNERED, epically, (LIBRA) with a strong woman, June Carter.
His Venus is Conjunct Uranus in Aries, Square Pluto, and Trine Jupiter in Leo.

beautiful chart, right? So well expressed!

Love YOU!!!


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