Saturn & Pluto Retrogrades 2015

Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) in a eucalyptus tree

Accept where you are.

Do what you know you are supposed to do.

Will it be time wasted?

In a word, NO.

Walk and don’t look back.

Whether or not we keep the baby after the bath water is gone.
The direction is plain, this is not a detour.

Uranus/Jupiter/Neptune has done an awful lot to bring you to the impossible places that Pluto insists you go.

One for you sentimentals:

Nope. Somebody was right.
It IS like water under bridges that have already burned.

You are already on the other side of the river now.
You move ahead from this bank right here.

Accepting the terrifying confines of the new reality is a challenge.
You are about to enter the zone called: No more wiggle room.


I’m all about the wiggle room.

Where is freedom found?
In this case it’s found in mastery.

Set a course. Completion. Man, that word gives me the shakes.

You DO have to go with the process you find yourself in the midst of.
Take a position and see it through.
Itchy trigger finger or no.

You have been kidnapped and set on another course.
Infinitely more rewarding than anything you could have come up with.

What did I say the other day?

~A crisis is a transfer of power.~

You’ve had that, and now you are asked to use the power you have.
Stored energy.

Do something that frightens you in a good way,
because, what if it works?!


Love YOU!!!!


It’s worth keeping in mind that the true test comes in September
with Saturn and Pluto direct. That’s when we see if our birds can truly fly.
Eagle or Chicken, bro?
That you can not stall until then.
Your life is a living, breathing, fluctuating process.
Do your homework, also…

Make progress NOW.

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2 Responses to Saturn & Pluto Retrogrades 2015

  1. connelly567 says:

    I have Saturn retrograding the first back over the AC to 12th house Scorpio and then forward again over the AC. Pluto transiting the second where my natal Jupiter lies. I read this post several times and I hope it involves my work place and a nasty, miserable temporary boss. I hope my crisis period with her is over and I can use the power I believe I have gained through adversity. She will be replaced at best June, at worst, September. I hope the Saturn and Pluto direct will help me fly or at least get a better boss or maybe, job. I’m looking.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Connelly567,

      Sorry I’m so slow to write back!I do hope your work situation improves!
      Worst case timing by October… Sooner is always better. Full Moon on Sunday at 13 degrees looks like a pinch. But could be letting go of the past to make a new way. xoxox

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