Saturn + Neptune + Pluto, Quelle Drag


So… what if you are not a hardcore plutonian?

What if all this Commitment, and Depth biz,
not only falls on deaf ears, but brings your LEO, Gemini,
Sagittarius, or Aquarius self, down.
All the way down, to a bleak and hopeless place
where the world is drab and humorless.

What if you have already committed, only to find you are over your head,
out to sea, stranded on a desert island without so much as a soda cracker,
and not a green coconut in sight.

You could be any sign, with a combination of aspects and planets…
Saturn Squaring your Leo Mars, while Uranus Trines it, for example,
and be singing a song far and away beyond that old chestnut, life’s not fair

What if you have already given your last metaphoric penny,
your last increment of love and money,
pockets are empty, rent is due, and it’s not because you were out partying,
no. You’ve been good. To sleep early, fair and kind, crossing off your responsibilities. Done. Done. Done. and the world says no to you.

Where is this endless depth you are supposed to have?
To dig ever deeper, what if you are simply lost in an unpromising wood.
A place of little forgiveness, that asks for more than you have,
and repays you in what? Self reliance?
What if you have that, what if you are that?

what then?


What if Neptune has rendered you dreamless?
Has torn your dreams into shreds, the dust has gathered,
and wind has blown those shreds away

What if Pluto is not a big player in your chart?
What if Saturn’s transit by house and aspects shows up simply as lack.

What if you did commit, and are now not able to follow though?
What can you draw on, if you run out of time and tears?

Go to your Sun and Moon, by Sign, House, and Aspect.
What do you need (moon) and how can you give it to yourself?
Where do you radiate? (sun)

Remember that pleasure is yours, always always,
the feeling of sunlight on your eyelids,
Please yourself as many times a day as you are able. (lol, really)
Don’t, in bitterness, turn your back on the entirety of experience.

Be aware that what you are measuring will be incremental progress.
Jupiter is positioned to want so much,
Saturn in Scorpio, Sextile a newly forward Pluto will begin to deliver,
perhaps not in a gracious rush, but all the same, we don’t have stasis,
…at least not for long…


However your Pisces Full Moon went,
eventful, or no,
we can’t stay robbed of our dreams forever,
and if it kills you to hope,
or you have no more strength to face the eagle who comes to pluck out your liver,
remember, he doesn’t need you to show it.

That eagle will keep coming,
and your strength is for you.

Not to show, but to use. (that’s Scorpio, that’s Pluto.)

Revive your Sun and Moon.

It may also help to listen to Aquarian Bettye LaVette

Love YOU!!!


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2 Responses to Saturn + Neptune + Pluto, Quelle Drag

  1. Tam says:

    I’m so thankful Pluto has turned direct, it was quit depressing……

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Tam!

      So SO SOOOO depressing. Honestly, this September has been one of the most challenging months in recent memory. Which is not how astrologers are describing it, but I see it playing out in situations all around me. The shift in energy/results coming in has really been palpable, but it’s interesting, even with such a -writing on the wall- set up in the sky, it is not as plain how to proceed as I expected. What happens, -EVENTS- are plain, but what to do with them is slower (Saturn) to unfold and resolutions seem to be complex, pulling on many threads at once.

      Anyway, that’s my two cents! Happy to see you here. xox

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