Saturn in Sagittarius squares Venus conjunct Chiron in Pisces


Saturn in Sagittarius squares Venus conjunct Chiron in Pisces, and it does this endlessly and forever. I mean,

The full on hard core square lasts almost a week.

In this week we have our Pluto station, Pluto is retrograde as of today. Heavy heavy Pluto, he adds an underpinning of Lizard Brain compulsion to any proceedings, while the Sun and Mercury move to Taurus, Values, Wealth. Mars moves to Gemini April 21st. A clever work around? One can hope!

While Venus/Chiron puts our specialness at perceived risk, (Who is feeling inadequate?) the question becomes “What do you have, what do you have, what do you have?”
What do you have ~ really~ and what is it worth?

What are you worth?

What can you use to get more?

What have you learned about gathering resources?
What alliances bring you wealth and money?
What kind of wealth do you have, and how can you use it?

Some of these energetics may enact as idealogical issues,
Sagittarius vrs Pisces stlye.

For example exclusion/rejection based on nationality, as in the first Dreamer Deportation

Saturn square Venus is desire and rejection as much as it is anything. Remember that squares are active aspects, which means that the planets themselves are wrestling as combinations. Real love, real value, real money, wrestles lack of money, lack of love, lack of value. Loneliness. They wrestle to express these thoughts.

With Venus/Saturn, it’s got to be classic.

~ The more time you put in, the more beautiful your art. Or perhaps this old favorite: the harder I work the luckier I am. ~

Chiron adds not only the insecurity, but the magnetism, the generosity, a willingness to put yourself out there, to try.

The line up in the rest of the sky indicates you can grow something under this Astrology. Something real, significant and lasting can emerge from the pressure and pain. Particularly as you move toward the New Moon in Taurus, and a highly charged revolutionary Mercury Direct on May 3rd. That day is a massive turnaround, and the start of something totally legit.

Consider the New Moon on the 26th of April as a kick off, in a series of ever more epic kick offs, and between now and then, continue to lay the groundwork.

Consider that both Sagittarius and Pisces find a ruler in Jupiter. In this case Jupiter in Libra, weakened by backward motion, he passes the baton to Venus who accepts, governed by both Jupiter and Neptune: what will be will be. Ask the cosmos to contribute, after all, you’re never really alone.

Love YOU!!!!



In May, the hard work you are doing now begins to pay. A bigger dream is launched. June finds you nearly ready to take flight over uncharted waters. Jupiter WILL turn direct in June, and between now and then it’s all about 15 to 13 degrees Cardinal. Aries, Crab, Capricorn, and Libra especially. Making plans for what to do next. Gathering resources, asking for divine intervention, (yes really!) becoming skilled in your Art.

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