Saturn in Sagittarius… a tangent…


Reward the just and punish the unjust, insofar as you are able,
as you move through your life…?

Is that a Job for you or God(s)?

It’s a Saturn in Sagittarius question, sparked by this post HERE
Who is the Judge?
and how far out of your way should you go for justice?

Love YOU!!!


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2 Responses to Saturn in Sagittarius… a tangent…

  1. connelly567 says:

    Saturn will be transiting my first house Sagittarius. This means that Saturn will be crossing over my Ascendent and then retroing back to Scorpio and re-crossing the Ascendent a second time. What is the interpretation of this or is this just a slight detour from the first cross over?. I know Saturn crossing the AC is an important transit so it has me concerned.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hi connelly567,

      It is a time to pay attention! On a physical level, take care of your health! Make sure you have something going that helps you grow stronger. In terms of the transit, it’s a chance to get your Saturn issues out of the level of fear, and into practical manifestation where you can more easily do something with them. If you need a second chance/re-think, you have one, or it may take two tries to vanquish a demon… If you would like to look in more detail… book a consult and we can see what is likely. xox

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