Saturn in Libra Priorities

Things get fate-y

They change as if a landscape slowly dissolving in front of our eyes to form a new one.

As if time had slowed and speeded simultaneously

like visions of flowers


or those fast films of chrysalis revealing butterflies, that I remember,

as the best part of grade school.

Their yellowy colors more than anything, and the strange startling pinks and oranges.

I couldn’t find anything that gloriously retro,

but this is fair enough

You know,

Monarchs typically migrate,

and by migrate I mean fly through the air 2500 miles
to get where they are going.

…and ‘course they weigh next to nothing,

If anything was going to be animated spirit, it’s those little blinks of light and color.

fearless absolutely fearless

with nothing to hold on to

and everything to love

really we are talking about the whole, you know, EVERYTHING, changing

that’s all,

and in saying nothing to hold on to

I don’t mean no friends,

no sweethearts,

no family,


I mean they are as free as you are

to love you and care for you

to commit to journeying with you,

and you with them.

Think of those people who you want to come with you on your journey

and make certain they know how you feel.

Think of where you are overtaxed

and have to draw the line to respect your own limitations.

Yes, everyone has limitations!
One of the goals of Saturn in Libra
is to get us to respect our own as well as others.

To be effective you can’t be overtaxed.

priorities… capiche?

Saturn is only going to be in Libra ’till October,

shore up your alliances now

whether it means better boundaries

or more kissing.

after that G, you’re on your own.

but it will be harder, much harder

and isolation will be fierce.

and now, something a bit more ummmm….. awesome.. super cool? tres bizarre?

Love YOU!!!!


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