Saturn Direct/Uranus Retro 2014


Don’t waste your own time.
You’ve got to handle it.

Should you charge bravely ahead?
Yes. & dot your i’s and cross your t’s along the way.

It’s alright to get gritty if that’s what it takes to make it work.
Saturn in Scorpio is humbling
If you worry about how you will be perceived you’ll never make it.
Ask for help. From friends, from strangers.

People are kinder than you think.
Let your situation be known, and accept what you are offered.

This is the ~NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH~ combination.

You know enough to know what you should be doing.
Here comes your backbone (Saturn) to help you along.

If you want a new way out of an old situation you can have one,
Begin today, and when does it happen?
Well, NOW and soon.

Coincidence and happenstance is here to help you along.
The end of some very old karma.
You know what they say about ~the end~?

It’s the beginning.


Love YOU!!!


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