Sagittarius New Moon/Chiron Direct, November 29, 2016



Hey! How are you?
How are you feeling?

Bound to be a little dark with the Moon in Scorpio, smaller and smaller until it disappears.


So close to our New Moon in Sagittarius at 7 degrees on the 29th.
Can you feel through the dark for the edge of it?

Chiron goes direct on December 1st, some of whatever is about to begin may make itself known then.
It’s not comfortable, but it doesn’t mean it’s not worth it

A crack, as dawn arrives, a sharp blade to open the night.
We wake up wild and wondering, wooly-headed and grateful for the chance to begin again, as the world is set alight. Everyday, and most especially tomorrow.

What kind of commitment do you have to the story of your life?
Are you ready to pick it back up?

~ Sometimes people will say things like, “Your prayers didn’t work, but thanks,” as if a person could be praying for only one thing. A miracle. A cure. But in the hardest situations, all one can do is to ask for God’s mercy: Let my friend die at home, Lord, and not in the hospital. Let her go quickly, God, and with her loved ones present. One Benedictine friend, a gentle, thoughtful man who has been in constant physical pain for years and is now confined to a wheelchair, says of prayer, “Often, all I can do is to ask God, ‘Lord, what is it you want from me?'” From him I have learned that prayer is not asking for what you think you want but asking to be changed in ways you can’t imagine. To be made more grateful, more able to see the good in what you have been given instead of always grieving for what might have been. People who are in the habit of praying – and they include the mystics of the Christian tradition – know that when a prayer is answered, it is never in a way that you expect. But prayer stumbles over modern self-consciousness and self-reliance, a remarkably ingenuous belief in our ability to set goals and attain them as quickly as possible. I recently received a mailing from a group of New Age witches who state in a kind of creed, their belief that “I can create my own reality and that sending out a positive expectation will bring a positive result.” I suspect that only America could have produced Pollyanna witches, part and parcel of our pragmatism, our addiction to self-help and ‘how-to.’ No wonder we have difficulty with prayer.”
– Kathleen Norris via Whiskey River ~


Jupiter rules Religion, Higher Law, Higher Education, International Travel, Expansion, Abundance, Teachers, Philosophers, trust in God, Luck, Wisdom, Morality and Truth.

With Jupiter in Libra we measure our ideas about these concepts against the ideas of others. With the emphasis on Sagittarius, (the Sun, Moon, Mercury,& Saturn are there), as much as anything it’s about your story, the one you are living, creating now, and how you intermingle with the stories of others.

~ You are not lost. You are here. Stop abandoning yourself. Stop repeating this myth about love and success that will land in your lap or evade you forever. Build a humble, flawed life from the rubble, and cherish that. There is nothing more glorious on the face of the earth than someone who refuses to give up, who refuses to give in to their most self-hating, discouraged, disillusioned self, and instead learns, slowly and painfully, how to relish the feeling of building a hut in middle of the suffocating dust. -Heather Havrilesky~

Look around. It’s time to ask yourself, what plans will you make real?

~ My cousin Helen, who is in her 90s now, was in the Warsaw ghetto during World War II. She and a bunch of the girls in the ghetto had to do sewing each day. And if you were found with a book, it was an automatic death penalty. She had gotten hold of a copy of ‘Gone With the Wind’, and she would take three or four hours out of her sleeping time each night to read. And then, during the hour or so when they were sewing the next day, she would tell them all the story. These girls were risking certain death for a story. And when she told me that story herself, it actually made what I do feel more important. Because giving people stories is not a luxury. It’s actually one of the things that you live and die for.
Neil Gaiman ~


Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is in Libra. Think balance of relationships. Law and fairness. How do we merge, and how do we measure?



What comes next on your journey?

When you think about a 12 year plan what’s your vision for the future?
How can you inspire others?
In what ways can your generosity make the world better?

How will you manifest your Ethics?

How does your philosophy support your life and the lives of those around you?
What kind of buoyancy can you offer the world?
If you are a gift, and you are, how do you arrive?


Venus in Capricorn is conservative, and here she squares Uranus and Jupiter and picks up a sextile from Chiron. That doesn’t look like a compromise. Need to let go? Venus will help you.

Jupiter in Libra trines Mars in Aquarius, most people will act on their feelings, we might rather go together, but we are resolute, even if we have to go alone.

At this moment, Venus wants unique and lasting value, authenticity is hi-lighted. There’s always a wound and the high-minded will simply acknowledge it, incorporate it. Remember, there is nothing more beautiful than being who you are.

You know this because you have experienced it. Everything trembles before authenticity. It’s hypnotic, alluring, magnetic. There is no substitute!

For an exploration of Chiron click

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Our Sun/Moon conjunction in Sagittarius squares Neptune on the South Node in Pisces, as well as the North Node in Virgo.
t’s all about the valuable details, . Sagittarius is the sign that looks ahead to the road full of unknowns and see a world teaming with adventure! So much to learn! Saturn’s presence here requires that we slow down, think it through and carefully pack our bags.

Time for a New Beginning.
This particular New Moon looks potent.
Could it be you want to make a worthy sacrifice for your beliefs?

Is it time to hoist anchor with a destination in mind?
Perhaps there is a lucky choice arriving that aligns with your circumstance ?

Are you ready?

Love YOU!!!!



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