Sagittarius New Moon, November 22, 2014


Ready? Steady. Spaghetti!!
ahhahaha! We can say that stuff now, it’s allowed.

New Moon in Sagittarius!
At 0 degrees.

Square Neptune in Pisces!
The Jupiter Crew!


Open up.

A Big Blurry Beginning.

The Sun and the Moon party down
in a Venus on one side, Saturn on the other, type sandwich.

Jupiter and Neptune in full force.

Our Luminaries are moving away from Saturn,
into the embrace of Venus as party girl.
Why Not?

Scorpio season is closed until next year.
The door shuts with a slam, and the wide world beckons.
Sure Mercury is still stalking the halls in a little black dress,
sharing one or two curt sentences, clues only.
Sure Saturn in Scorpio is not finished with you yet…

( there will be mastery)

But for now, our entré into the chamber of secrets is closing.
Instead, ethics and morality versus physical impulse,
Sagittarius at it’s finest, the chance to LEARN.

Never mind the supernatural, it’s allllll about the natural!


Look outward!
What is around that corner?
It’s time to find out something you didn’t know.

Permission to play?


Go Outside!


A Journey is just the thing…

and here is an idea:
if you have a problem…

Think about it!
Not feel about it, or emote around it.
Use you brains, then follow your impulse…
Keeping in mind what your brain had to say!! lol

Arm chair philosophize?
Sure you can!

Plus other people’s ideas are interesting…

Out of your comfort zone
& in Luck is the place to be when the Sun shines in Sagittarius.
From now, ’till the 22nd of December

Enjoy yourself, man.

A tourist in your own life?

That can be nearly as fun as traveling.
What is the one place in your town you have never been?
Or where could you go to see things differently?


Love YOU!!!


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