Sagittarius New Moon, Consider the Source


For an analysis on the Sagittarius New Moon of the 11th of December, go HERE.


What is it about the injustice of your stories as you live them?
objectively, is it right?
What is it about the stories your life tells?

How unfairly life seems to provide reward and punishment,
how unknowing reality seems to bestow it’s gifts

The reward for callous ignorance may be wealth, the reward for cruelty, pleasure?

What has ever inspired in us the idea that it might be otherwise?
Who has calibrated your conscience, to show the difference between a lie and the truth?
Especially when you can’t be certain.

Which part of us cries out for system of ethics?
How do we know to seek for Justice or to strive to measure incalculable laws, as if mapping invisible lands? And WHY?

When was honor created, why now so rare, though no less fine?
was it always rare?

Or is it that we judge without even a hint of exterior perspective,
the most rational of us must take umbrage there.
Surely we have a clue?

Sagittarius is a story, that reveals a truth, a big one!
Whether woven of fact or fiction, it’s a yarn that unravels and tells itself.
Something common, distinguished in the telling, changing as it moves from man to man.

It’s fire, warmth and feeling. Sagittarius gives us bounce.

A tale of a life beyond your neighborhood, somewhere ~ out there~
A war between the good and the corrupt, less evil, than compromised.
The rules we craft to keep the human animal in check.
To elevate Scorpionic response. Beyond the lizard brain.
to do what’s right, and if we fail, to try again

Moral, or Immoral, there’s a Sagittarius construct,
someone devoid of good sportsmanship, or who may embody it!

Passionate, though not devoted.
Ardent and fleeting, as if life might hold a continual good surprise.

For Sagittarius is the player who plays for the joy of motion, and for the higher good of winning, fairly and with exertion, to celebrate.

Not the scales, (Libra) but the Archer.


Sagittarius expresses a abstraction that will travel.
A paradigm that miraculously reaches far corners of the earth, flung wide, far beyond where, or by whom, it was conceived.


A freedom in the form of will power.
Something made to go beyond and to pierce the heart or head of all who it find it any & everywhere, far away.


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3 Responses to Sagittarius New Moon, Consider the Source

  1. I Starbright says:

    I applied for a much needed new job on the 11th. This new moon falls in my first house. Jupiter is spending it’seems time in my 10th house while transiting Uranus is at 16 degrees 5th house, same as my natal North Node. It would be great to have a new job in time for the New Year…..especially for my over aLloyd mental health.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Starbright,
      Thanks for writing! Sending good thoughts for your new job!! Sounds like it’s time for a change! xoo

      • Starbright says:

        It is time, but didn’t get the job. In hindsight, the organization was not my personality and I would be starting on a Mercury Retrograde. Jupiter is in imy 10th until August and then it goes into my sun sign, Libra. One can only hope.

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