Sagittarius Full Moon June 2, 2015


Full Moon in Sag. with a Mutable T-Square that lets out in Virgo.
Do keep your eyes on the details even as you fly out the door.

You prob hit the breaks yesterday, and there was a thud, as whatever that was rolled under the wheel and was flattened. Can it be a ~ GOOD ~ thud?

Most likely it was.

STOP. And Now,


Venus enjoys an out of sign trine to Sagittarius/nearly Scorpio Saturn,
who just doesn’t even play.No Fakes No Foolin’
It is harsh, and it is for the future.
Jupiter trines the Moon and Uranus, and sextiles our Gemini conflagration.

A Conflagration of Geminis, a Congress, a Gossip, or a Fascination?
I’m pretty sure a Fascination of Geminis is the tech term, the one you find in the dictionary under Gemini terminology, of which there are many, many colorful and quippy entries.

Sun, Mars, and a retrograde Mercury, that’s who’s at the party.
Alllll liquored up, (Neptune) and officially underwritten by Pluto.

As we witnessed yesterday, our motivations are deep.

The accumulation and integration of knowledge, not only to know, but to understand, to use that understanding to to move ahead, the future.


Always the future for Sag. where each dawn is a sunrise over-brimming with original promise. Where there is something to find out well worth knowing, & without which we can’t go on. Hungry for knowledge, hungry for experience, hungry for… hey pass me that sandwich and let’s hit the road.

Love YOU!!!


* Mahalia Jackson: Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon, Gemini Mars.





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