Sagittarius Full Moon 2014


Sagittarius Full Moon.

Crab ruled, the blessing that is Family in all it’s forms surrounds you.
Able to measure clear-eyed what you have and what you have not.

Venus opp.Saturn, Mars Square Pluto & Uranus
it’s not really for the faint of heart.

But what is nowadaze?
The end of an era.

It’s not applause that is due now, so many are grateful just to have survived and have it be over. Whatever it was, it’s done.
That’s just it. Gratitude to have lived this long, and to still be here to love.
As impossible as it all is,
these seemingly wild gyrations, that take us to places unimaginable,
the rewards as yet unknown,
the wheel turns.


This Moon is not hung on where you have been,
(sure, there are rewards, gems within the memories) but here Now, TODAY
It’s all about where you are going.


There ought to be a word that describes THEENDBEGINNING
As we are now.

The last hurdles not yet overcome,
July will be what we had hoped from June:
An Advance.

More than mid-process today, hug yourself, and those you care for.
Chiron sez: Imperfection is the new everything.
You work WITH it.

Love YOU!!!


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