Rockin Panda, Prince Buster

Gotta deal wherever you find yourself…

poor little panda!

just keep on rocking,

and pass me the bamboo

Things move slowly, but they do move.

…and once they pick up speed we will all have to think fast

So do your prep now.

Is anyone having insane Merc. Retro type probs????
I know Mercury in Taurus is slow, but come on!
It’s all caution, delay and restriction.

I’m going to blame Saturn in Libra forcing us to deal with all our relationship issues,
particularly in any formal or public biz arena…

Hello mad deep angry politeness … combined with Mars in Virgo,
who makes sure that no nit is left un-picked
and since it’s in Libra both you, and the person you are talking to,
feel that, well, you could be easier to talk to…

you have to have a meeting to straighten it out or multiple emails….


The Saturn Vibe remains strong courtesy of the Cappy Moon

Sun conjunct Jupiter in Taurus on Saturday. YAY!

There are earthly rewards/solutions for earthly problems

Don’t give up on your dreams.

Wishes will be granted by way of




and that old Taurus standby Patience

Yeah, there is plenty of random going down,

and OH! There will be more,

much more.

For now,

it’s good to be wise when you’re young….



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