Retrograde Station of Saturn & Uranus Square Pluto 2015


Facing the realities which are multilayered,
& the surprises which are deep.

There is a lot of infinity going on,
making it harder to grasp the steps and move sequentially.

~Asking God(s) to move me, these days I can’t move fast enough,
I can’t see around the corner.
The tasks and expectations pile up amidst change after radical change.
God(s) who is everything and knows everything.~

There is a place for us & that place is full flow,
in the current.

By Tomorrow it’s a stellium in Pisces,

A deeply unconscious consciousness?
There are advantages!

Sun, Mercury, Chiron, Neptune.

Let’s see it the other way….
Tuned in to the magic, & therefore the door is open to change?

Swim Little Fish!


Going Somewhere?

With Someone Else?
On Your Own?

You have the power of an Aries Mars conjunct Uranus trine Jupiter.
don’t run over grandma!
Venus and Saturn at either side.

Sagittarius Moon today, just past Saturn
giving us a Grand Fire Trine.

Look at the shifting contours of your surroundings.



Good day to to see in all directions.

By tomorrow Mercury slips into Pisces:
The Feels.

Beautiful and Terrible, you can have them now.


You gonna ride the wave, or you gonna drown?
If you are reading this, there is someone who cares if you make it or not.

Close your eyes and jump?

I don’t think so. LOOK. Look now and see.

…. here’s a good question… what are you avoiding?
and what sort of evolution will come to pass when you have that HUUUUUUUUUGE cry and just stop?


Stop, so you can move ahead, where all this time you wanted to go…
in real life, with all the real life trauma, where you have to be brave.

We are among the gods and monsters we meet.
Thank Goodness.

It’s ok that things take time.
Take the time, and do them.

The past is very much out of reach,
but those traitors, those complex treasons,
the symbols of our Saturn in Scorpio experience are close at hand.

Don’t expect a scorpion not to sting you.
Use what you have already learned.


What you know now must be acted on,
even if resolving the situation takes time.

In this climate denial will kill you, so wise up Kittens,
No Joke No Doubt.

Be as smart as you truly are.
Wits are becoming…
as my father used to say when we crossed the street,
~ look sharp~

Saturn is at the degree of his station.
4 degrees Sag. and prepared to go back.

One last round of finality.

A kick in the teeth for them holding on to what has died.
A solemn vow and a promise for them that needs one.

Oh this summer is bright and dark with promise.


It’s the last hand of the card game before we stand up from the table and begin to walk ahead with our new lives. Our new lovers, sweethearts, and friends, our new enemies and standing solidly on the graves of those who have been buried these last two years.

Oh that WILL happen…

Not Yet! We are in the earthquake, and there is something here for us after all.

Love YOU!!!


What else?


I’m so glad you asked!!
It’s our Eclipse series!
A New Moon Solar Eclipse March 20th! At 29 Pisces!
That’s an end and a beginning all wrapped in one!


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4 Responses to Retrograde Station of Saturn & Uranus Square Pluto 2015

  1. Tam says:

    “By tomorrow Mercury slips into Pisces:
    The Feels.”

    What dreams may come……should be interesting sleep!

    “The past is very much out of reach,
    but those traitors, those complex treasons,
    the symbols of our Saturn in Scorpio experience are close at hand. ”

    I don’t want to talk about Saturn in Scorpio……

    Love YOU! 🙂

  2. Sabina says:

    Dad knew whereof he spoke!

    Love you, too.

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