Retrograde Mercury Square Saturn


It’s difficult to trust in the process.
Be prepared to swallow some news that tastes terrible,
but knowledge, as they say is power.

There is nothing here that you can’t use.

Low grade slow-mo clusterf*ck,
One that takes months to realize?

If so, it’s your job to work with it.

think of how TV on the Radio worked with their song,
the original cut is HERE

Back to the wall? Or soon will be?
Not exactly,
there is more than one way out.

In fact, options multiply under supervision,
it’s just that it takes work.

No silver platters, & that diamond tiara you ordered
way back when things seemed possible… not coming.

Is no news good news? errr…

Something is on the way howevs…
it’s in the works,

a do it yourself kit,
with some kind of attached turbo blast.
Put that thing together and no telling where it will take you.
No telling? Yeah, no telling.
It’s alright, this island is sinking…

Get to work.

Love YOU!!!


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5 Responses to Retrograde Mercury Square Saturn

  1. Jgirl says:

    You just described my life in the past few days. That tiara I ordered way back when omg. Not coming yep. But howevs, like u said. Working through this. Thank you!

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Jgirl,

      Nice to hear from you! You are so welcome! Sorry about the tiara… I get it completely.
      It’s like working a puzzle with morphing pieces. No sooner have you fit them together…
      Not the easiest time to plan ahead, yet it’s all about change… keep in motion <3.

      • jgirl says:

        a do it yourself kit – exactly. thanks again. your first line, its difficult to trust the process, so true… but trust we must! using all my inner faith here. its actually a positive opportunity, just have to rise above the initial discomfort with grace, which ive already done. for me, it was about forgiving myself for the past, learning from it, and now embracing this opportunity to make a better future out of the present.

  2. Janet says:

    Bleddy hell…as we do say here. Get yer pasties in…we’m already sinking on this island!! (And even tho this part is made of Saturnine-like granite, the Mercury in Pisces? waves are more powerful. Lot of work to clear up the mess, and also in my own life…but under many many rainbows. Great post (not many of THEM left standing here either!)

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