Retro Gemini Merc conjunt Gemini Mars, Sun in Gemini 2015


Get a push in the right direction?
It might feel like more of a shove.


it’s all about the information.

Who said what to whom.
Wheels in motion.


Retro Merc, backs up to Mars, the Sun,

All Gemini
the pile of them trine the Libra North Node.

Going somewhere?

I guess so.


It’s Gemini, all tricks and twists, more than one track racing ahead to loop back around, and once again race ahead.

Libra looks at balance and justice.

We are experiencing bonds that are forged through the complicated dealings, not easily unraveled. Neptune adds a layer of blur that will get you there, misunderstood or not.

Does it take time?

Yes, it takes time.

Love YOU!!!


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