Release Relentless Virgo Syndrome!

There is is this kind of relentless Virgoing where you go over and over what you have done, rethinking rethinking rethinking, remembering, and wondering…
Virgo after all is the sign of perfection, feeling that we must be perfect to be worthy, to be loved…

Should you have done it?
Could you have done it a little differently, would that have been better, is everything ruined?
Can it be saved?
How could you save it?!!!
And So on!

You Virgoers know who you are. You definitely don’t have to be a Virgo Sun to participate in the madness.. we all have Virgo somewhere. And Of course, Virgo’s are also completely magic, we all know that… but,

In prep. for this massive New Moon in Scorpio it’s time to RELEASE IT.
As Syl Johnson (Uber Cancer with a Sagg. Moon) Says
Take Me To The River and Wash Me Down

So let go y’all. Scorpio Season is at hand big time, it’s sexy, it’s halloweeny and it’s time to live in the present. You will never live any other time.



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2 Responses to Release Relentless Virgo Syndrome!

  1. Katherine Kyle says:

    I needed to hear that!

  2. o_lightning says:

    Hi Katherine, so nice to see you over here! I wrote it because I needed to hear it myself. love you!

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