Red Moon

There is kind of a lot going on in the sky right now!

One way or another we will all be interacting bouncing around
like the crazy particles that we are…

Oh the Moon! Oh the Big Full Moon!

Full Moons do bring things to light!

I like the breezy social vibe of Venus in Gem,
but she’s having a bit of a fight with Mars au courant,
agree to disagree works if you let it!

Make love, make (pretend) war… try to have fun with it!

Laura Gibson’s not really a cowgirl, she just plays one on this song….

I saw her play in Marfa Texas, so nice!

I been listening to the album more than I thought I would…

try this on for size….

You have to download this next one, there is no vid, but it’s completely worth it!!!

06 red moon

find someone to dance with….

even if it’s the mop!

That Laura Gibson, what do you think? A Virgo maybe?
I really like her, so sincere!





say it! do it! buy it!

Love YOU!

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  1. Alexis Hurley says:

    I like Laura too!

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