Use the Pragmatic

It’s not a day to flake Y’all.


It kinda sounds like it ought to be a small machine.
Check out my new pragmatic, that Sh*t really works!

Is it completely lame that I have no idea what this song is talking about?!
Is that more permissible when Mercury is going backward???
It just somehow fits the mood.
If anyone knows what he is singing will you tell me in the comments?! Please?

Ok. How about this, then?

but he smells like ranch dressing… hahaha…

I guess you keep your eye on the big picture after all.

We are talking about integrating: Mars in Virgo,
taking care of the details,
with Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius
Your mind and heart in tune with where you want go…
Aqua Moon allows you to step back, make rational legit choices,
and let’s just think of Pluto in Cap. and Saturn in Libra as the enforcers.

You can’t act like that and get the girl…

I think we are going to have to let the beat talk on this cut,
’cause the lyrics are Ridic…

Merc Retro in Sagg everybody, Get up and Dance!!!
(and then get back to work)

You know it Kittens!


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