Post Weekend Wake Up!

So how was your weekend?

Busy, productive, with a madcap undertone, and a streak of darkness?

That was mine anyway…

We are only 4 days off from a Mercury Retro in Sagittarius.

Tell the truth or you will get your ass handed to you methinks
……..on the other hand…Mercury in Sagg does tend to blurt

Go ahead and take care of whatev details,

Especially Tech related… you know get your ducks in a row as best you can.

We have what looks like a genuinely massive

Solar Eclipse on at 2 Degrees Sagittarius on Friday. I’m looking forward to it!

Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius is a Fire sign known for it’s candor, and fun casual outdoorsy exuberance. Sagg rules travel, higher learning, sports and the truth,

If you know your chart see where this Moon will hit you, for an idea of where to make your new start.

For all you Beautiful Sagittarius and Sag Risings, Your life is the new start.

Not Kidding. Sagittarius Moons will get illumination on the state of their emotional life,
and or their moms, girlfriends, important women. For realz.

Reboot. Take the long view, look at the storyline, and have faith.

I have no idea what signs Luke LaLonde and these guys are,
but I think that Born Ruffians is such a Sagittarius name for a band.
All Saggs kinda look like born ruffians, or maybe ragamuffins, kidding….
Let’s just say they’re not usually over groomed. It’s a natural charm.

Perfectly expressed Sagittarius themes In this video!
Casual, college, religion, radio, friends, philosophy, a certain kind of goofy humor, you get the picture… things that expand and connect, reaching out, do you think her caller from the radio show jumped of the bridge? Maybe right, we’re not sure… The Sun is still in Scorpio, so I guess that fits pretty well for today.

I’ma leave it out on some handshakes,

These girls are having fun Sag style fo sho

The moon is in Libra, we all gotta play fair…

You know shake hands…. good game good game..


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