Pluto Direct, Saturn in Scorpio, 2 Videos!


So I made you some videos at long last!
Finally! It’s been forever!!!

two videos, two perspectives!



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4 Responses to Pluto Direct, Saturn in Scorpio, 2 Videos!

  1. ditisjenn says:

    I actually cried through these video’s. Wow. I have become increasingly isolated since saturn went to scorpio. I’ve also developed some wonderful (energetic or something like that) skills that I really want to show the world and help people with. I’m just really stuck as to what exactly it is and how and feel so sooo vulnerable. Pluto crossing my Capricorn stellium (nep,jup,asc,ven,mer) and saturn crossing my Scorpio stellium (Plu,Mar,MC,Sat) and squaring my Aqua sun at the same time is making things crazy hard and superinteresting at the same time. THANK YOU for these video’s. I know my time will come soon (hopefully as saturn crosses my natal saturn this november, hope hope HOPE).
    Love Jenn

  2. o_lightning says:

    Hey Jenn,

    Thanks for writing, you are so welcome! That is intense to be right in the middle of all this. Sending lots of love your way! xox

  3. Sophiepiscesmoon says:

    Very much agree with your advice here. I am seeing this in my life, how I can offer things…mostly listening to others, and giving support when I can. People are freaking out left right and centre. I get this most at work. It’s so draining for me as a Pisces Moon to be around the freak out / drama / losing heads energy but I am finding strength amidst this to keep talking, thinking, feeling and listening amidst my own suffering (disappearing when I can for downtime!) I have to say I am relieved to have astrology in my life and also enough Sagg energy to keep connecting with the bigger picture. To see the benefits of loneliness, pain, loss, and anger..I keep telling people, we are being stretched, and we are being stretched fast…and it hurts but boy is this a gift. Sometimes I doubt and I think I am making up positives for the pain, but when I tap into my Sagg NN I know it is true. Uncertainty breeds fear and doubt and faith is the only antidote. I can see how I am using my Moon/Jupiter conjunction more and more to spread it around!! xoxo ps. I also have the Pluto-Saturn square in my natal chart linked heavily to personal planets and yes, it is relentless…perhaps that is useful too right now…never thought i would say that 😉

    • o_lightning says:

      hihi Sophiepiscesmoon!

      People are lucky to have you. <3 I do think you are right about your pluto/saturn square helping.
      Non-plutonians and or non-urainains are having a much harder time with the energy, as detaching and or going super deep don't come as naturally.
      Luckily we all have Saturn. lol! We all do have pluto and uranus somewhere, but I do think it is easier to navigate/less of a shock, if you relate to the influence more deeply. xoxox

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