Pluto Direct, Mars in Capricorn, Dark of the Leo Moon




Everything is not going to be alright.
Pluto in Capricorn goes direct and we remember that regardless of what we are attempting to build, the world is burning.



While we may or may not delight in the microcosm, the world we look out upon is darkening, curling up at the edges, turning into ash, char, and smoke in some rather significant places, ideologically as much as anywhere. The frameworks we use to form our thinking can be thrown on the fire now. They have as much current use as a whalebone corset. *

Once again, Pluto goes direct.
The unspeakable shows it’s face, or it’s you know, genitals, and we look not only at sex and death, but debt and consequences.
Easy to say, but when you are looking at death, you know it’s not easy.
Power plays, and ugly moments, as well as forgiveness, union, and a reawakening of our will to live.

We are forced into contact with who we are, and how we are going to handle our role in the deep murk of our current existence.

Mars moves to Capricorn on September 27th, Pluto is direct, and Saturn in Sagittarius combine to tell us that promises don’t matter. We want results, long term results and we are willing to work for them, provided we can start now.

With every heart wrenching question reality poses we must remember we are all the only answer, the only antidote that it is possible to possess.

Check this:
It’s a video from September 26, 2013

We already live during wartime, so no use holding our breath or closing our eyes waiting for it to all be over. Our surrounds combine dissipation and careless, bloated waste with poverty and violent oppression. In response, is there a singular construct that we can enact that is unassailable?


Only love in it’s many forms, and as love becomes action, becomes choices, once again, perfection/completion is the enemy. Instead, can we live remaining open to opportunity, open to the half-steps, puzzle pieces, unexpected, inadvertent or hard won increments and avalanches of change?

Do things get worse before they get better? In this larger context, I dare say they do.
~but not every single thing~

Pluto in Capricorn promises us the death of big business, an experience of fear based totalitarian regimes, crumbling authority and a constricting noose to go with it. There is no widespread prospect of a positive outcome in the near future (look at U.S. politics!) only dire, and slightly less dire.

Which doesn’t cancel out all the good. Which doesn’t make this moment monumentally worse than moments of the past, even a cursory look will tell you that things have certainly been bad before! The powerlessness we feel regarding our positive impact on the evils of our time, does not actually mean we have no impact! On the contrary. Any light will show up in the dark.

This pervasive nightmare does not erase scientific advances in understanding, It doesn’t destroy the comfort of your kind words to a friend, the joy and unexpected delight that can overtake you, a chance granted, a love returned, hard work rewarded, or a much needed moment of release. It doesn’t erase the powerful work that you do to understand your role in your life and grow into it. It doesn’t evaporate your ability to fight for justice, nor does it invalidate your personal ambition, and potential to thrive under adverse circumstances.

How will you work?



What else?

Neptune in Pisces provides universality, we care across borders, across boundaries, even across space and time. Jupiter in Libra has arrived, thank goodness! You will socialize, you will *gasp* leave your house, you will interact, and undoubtedly for many, you will partner for biz and pleasure. Saturn in Sagittarius does not only reject foreigners, he also provides some genuine victories for human altruism and formal religious development.

This moment, every moment is yours to use, heroes have always had their time.


Love YOU!!!!



October 19th will see a Mars/Pluto conjunction that trines the North Node and squares Uranus. Are we going to act on our desires? More likely than not.

*thanks Saturn in Sagittarius!


What happens when Pluto finally leaves Capricorn in 2023?
We rebuild! That’s what.


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