Pisces Pile Up, Jupiter Retrograde, Crab Moon


Crab Moon trine Pisces Chiron/Mercury/Sun.

Use your emotionality,
and what you know of your family history to awaken some compassion for those you love.

As if the effect of family could be understood simply by understanding it!
Those hooks go deep.

Lots of endings now,
as we to squeeze through a tiny opening into a larger world.
The facts are MIA


Waiting for the pivot, for the next act to start.

It’s all just around that corner, impossible to wait actually,
and we can’t do anything else either.


We prep, count to ten, and don’t lose the ball on the neighbors roof.

There’s not a wrong choice, but our retrograde Jupiter suggests an ambitious conservatism, pragmatic.

With so much Pisces, we may not act in our best interests.
Try though, sometimes the fantasy running contraparallel to your reality is the entire key to your reality being possible at all.
For now don’t fight it.

Faith, because life is short.
Pleasure, because life is short.
Release because life is short.

Love YOU!!!!!



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