Pisces New Moon Eclipse/Sun on the Aries Point 2015

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When we get to Friday March 20th, take a deep breath.
Happy New Year!!! I mean it!

Our Spring Equinox & a New Moon Full Solar Eclipse in Pisces are the same day.
That means a beginning, an end & a beginning again all in one go.
The Sun meets the Moon at 29 Pisces and moves to Aries,
just like that!

If you have been waiting on a ride, your car is here.

If you want to know what’s next, well,
you do know.

It’s in the air today,
can you feel it?


You can’t see the end, and you shouldn’t see it, not because it’s bad…
but instead because you are inherently part of this creation.

There you go… walking into uncharted lands,
and laboring to carry some of the past alongside you.

Do you still want what you always wanted?
Now that you could have it, or something like it?
Do you?

A very strong wind that is blowing

To make a connection from one world to the next

If you need to stop doing what you have been doing,
go ahead and stop.
If you need to begin, you really can’t wait any longer.

Trust it.
It, being you.

Not trusting in neat solutions, it’s messy,
plus there is plenty of finality to go around.

~that’s allllllllrighhhhhht~`

Stop waiting for things to get easier.
No one else is going to handle this,
though God(s) may, MAY meet you half way.


Mercury in Pisces to dream it up, to dream it in to being.

Mercury begins to sextile Pluto,
put some depth to it, some deep radar, sonar,
X-ray vision.


We plant our seeds in the either, Pisces the land of dreams…
and then soon…


Aries Sun, with MARS in Aries, that’s what:
Life Force.


The will to live.

~ Collective Body Possum by Jess Arnt

I want a body that I can live in
I want a body with two dicks, five pouches, and fifteen holes
A body with no internal and no external
I want a body that no one can kick out of bathrooms
And then, I want no bathrooms
I want a body that screams, “Yes”
I want a body that says, “Yes, I’m hot for you”
I want a body with healthy organs
A body that sweats medical marijuana and golden dandruff flakes
I want a body in every color
I want a body that turns seas into land sculpture
An anti-toxin, a counter agent, to every shade of sex abuse slinking back from generations
I want a body that’s not afraid to fuck, and to be fucked
That can take it, that begs for it, that makes you beg for it
I want a body that spurts fountains
A body that dentists write fan mail to
I want a body with no “neos” or “isms”
A high-rise, free body
A low-rent body, a no-rent body
An unfriskable body
I want a body that I can offer up to you wherever and whenever you need me
A tocoti body, a body with no history, no plastic, and no dread
I want a Baywatch body, in tight red shorts, and someone to rescue it
I want your body
A body to play possum with when it’s too lonely out here
A nocturnal, musk filled body
I want a body that no matter how dead we seem always wakes up, clawing ~

Oh Man!!!! ARIES MUCH?!!!?!

Mars in Aries
Venus in Taurus

Each at home in their Rulership.
That’s perfect expression.
Pursue and Attract.

Taurus Venus is the antidote to excess frenetic energy.


She will be there until April 11th.
Venus in Taurus likes the raw goods.
Beautiful, Harmonious, Physical, Fresh, Luxe.

This Venus is not in any hurry.
Lean back, drink it in.


Love YOU!!!!


it’s Saint Denis for your head!



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4 Responses to Pisces New Moon Eclipse/Sun on the Aries Point 2015

  1. Oh my! I cannot even tell you how much this resonates, O. That poem moved it all into place. Wow! My dear Aries family (of whom I have many close friends) all feel like they are crawling out of their skin (myself included). Something is bubbling, we are rising steam to the surface, waiting… waiting…

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey exuberanceinmotion,

      Nice to hear from you!!! Thanks for writing! I can’t wait to hear what happens….to be continued… Much Love, xo

  2. Looloo says:

    Bonkers week, but I love it. I feels like Hannibal (A-Team, not Lecter) this week: “I love it when a plan comes together” [albeit not quite in the shape I planned]. A bit of nervous excitement mixed with possibility, dressed with a good dollop of enthusiasm.

    It’s always a pleasure to see a new post from you. Your musical taste and perfect picture sourcing ability never cease to amaze me.


    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Looloo,

      Thanks so much, that’s really kind of you to say! Happy to hear things are feeling good!! xo

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