Pisces New Moon Eclipse, Mars and Uranus Meet in Aries


Big surprises now, seven planets worth!

New Life Forms Trapped in Crystal!

Not Science Fiction, but Science Facts.
Where will these discoveries take us?


Fully in the Eclipse Zone, your New Moon arrives on the 26th of February at 8 degrees Pisces. It’s a good time to make a new start, if you are not busy responding to the new start life has made for you.




So many ramifications will spring from this moment. We can’t see them all now, but it would be crazy to imagine that they aren’t on their way, or that the forms they take won’t be BIG. This moment is a catalyst, we will likely react or respond without knowing the full scope of what is set in motion.


Like many other planets, Mars and Uranus meet up every so often

April 2011, March 2013, March 2015, February 2017, and February 2019 for example.

With Uranus on a long term transit through Aries, for these dates, Aries is where they meet.
On our New Moon in Pisces Eclipse, Saturn trines the Aries conjunction/explosion, makes it real, sets it in stone, or with the strength of Sagittarius: Law, Politics, Religion, Belief.

Aires the first sign, the God of Anger, of War, and Beginnings.
Uranus can act as a higher octave of Mercury the Messenger.

Uranus is a Genius, a connection that separates, as only information can do.

He is the sudden surprise, science, exacting methodology that causes unexpected outcomes, perverse and unpredictable.
The random that creates by taking away.


Within the myriad of possible outcomes, one is that you have the opportunity to release some very potent illusions. It’s often hard to know what you are doing while you are doing it.

As Dean Wareham puts it, ~ I really don’t mind you keeping secrets from me, but please don’t keep them from yourself.~

Our Pisces Eclipse will help with this.
How do you feel when you are deprived of illusions?

You might be tempted, before it happens, to say you will feel great, feel grateful, but look at the word: disillusioned.




These can give you a deeper understanding, an Awakening that causes you to leave, to sacrifice, to make or take an end, an inception. As Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden, a world began. Sounds like a starting point to me. A sharp cut that cauterizes the wound in that instant?
That’s a possibility.

As Mars and Uranus combine, exact at 22 degrees, with the Sun and Moon in Pisces at 8 degrees for the Pisces Eclipse, it’s about New Beginnings.

This is a moment that brings about a fresh start that comes in answer to a dream, or by way of letting go of a dream. Possibly both.


Mercury has arrived in Pisces at the time of our Eclipse.
Will you know the whole truth?

It seems unlikely that Pisces will give away all in one go, what can instead be eclipsed, disseminated, bent, and twisted, refracted, used as a mirror, a lens to magnify, to start a fire, information seen perhaps underwater, certainly sideways, and here is the thing, it’s about letting go of the past. Most likely the recent past. Mercury falls close to the South Node in Pisces, whatever our illusions now, try to set them aside, to be practical.

Let’s allow the form to follow function, let’s allow the details to serve our dream. And in doing this, we may come to realize that our concerns are not the most important element at play.

What we give up may be in service to a higher goal, or a person, such as a friend, parent, partner, or child.

How do you arrive at a solution when none can be reasoned?
Dance, take a walk, work with your hands, have sex, go for a swim, ride your bike, work out, a physical release that guides you with instinct, circumventing intellect, but not excluding it. You will explain why later. It will make sense by then.


What’s more, Jupiter and Pluto are involved with Mars and Uranus, but you knew that already. The sky does in fact go KABOOM.
Jupiter makes it bigger, makes it personal, (because Libra), Pluto makes it urgent, unavoidable.

Wherever Mars/Uranus hits your chart, expect a paradigm shift/explosion. If your heart beats near 22 degrees of a Cardinal Sign its a direct hit. If not, the closer you are, the louder the boom. Some of these shots will be heard round the world, and it may take a minute for the smoke to clear.

Love YOU!!!!



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  1. Connelly 567 says:

    By Sunday, I will have three planets in 5th house Aries and four planets plus Chiron in Pisces. I’ m watching that 22 degree Cardinal as I have 23 degree Libra Sun and 23 Jupiter in Capricorn both natal. Are you watching your Cap/Jupiter? I know I am.

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